International Flights

Please check the following information.

      Departure Date From ToTravel Class
    Sector 1
    Sector 2
    Sector 3
    Sector 4
    Section 5
    Section 6


    *the outbound arrival airport and return departure airport are different

    • Notes

      • *If you wish to book an itinerary for an international departure, please use the following page.
        Select a city and language to be redirected to the site of your choice of departure.
        opens in new windowCity and Language
      • *The lowest fares available for the itinerary, flight and class you selected will be displayed with this "Search multi-city / stopover itinerary" feature. (Fares applicable for upgrade may not be booked. For reservations, please contact the JAL call center.)
      • *Details of fare terms and conditions are shown in technical terms. For assistance, please contact the JAL call center.
        opens in new windowJAL call center
      • *Please book from "HOME" if your itinerary is round trip or one way, you can not use this feature.
      • *Please select "Open-Jaw" tab if your itinerary is open-jaw (in which the outbound arrival airport and return departure airport are different).
      • *If your itinerary includes a transit within 24 hours, please do not enter the transit airport / city in the "To" field.
        Example) Fukuoka - Tokyo - HonoluluFrom: Fukuoka To: Honolulu
      • *When trying to book the next itinerary after an itinerary that returns to the country of departure, please conduct the operation twice in separate step.
        Example) When booking both "Tokyo - Los Angeles - Tokyo" and "Tokyo - Bangkok - Tokyo", please complete the booking for "Tokyo - Los Angeles - Tokyo" and then reserve "Tokyo - Bangkok - Tokyo".
        (Please book from "HOME" as the itinerary is round trip.)
      • *Please book from "HOME" if you want to search Japan domestic flights itenerary, you can not use this feature.
      • *If you accompany a child under 2 years of age, you can not book flights opearted by Alaska Airlines including codeshare flights marketed by other carriers.
      • *Please reserve and purchase international segments to/from Japan with Japan Airlines flights.