Search multi-city/stopover itinerary

You will be shown the lowest fares available for your selected itinerary, flight and class with this feature.

What kind of itineraries you can search

This feature can be used to search itineraries as follows.

(1) When staying in two cities

Sector1. Tokyo - Frankfurt

Sector2. Frankfurt - Paris

Sector3. Paris - Tokyo

(2) When departure point is different from the return flight destination

Sector1. Tokyo - New York

Sector2. New York - Las Vegas

Sector3. Las Vegas - Los Angeles

Sector4. Los Angeles - Osaka

(3) When staying in three cities (with ground travel in between)

Sector1. Tokyo - Paris

(Ground travel by car, train, etc.)

Sector2. London - Helsinki

Sector3. Helsinki - Tokyo

(4) When staying in four cities (with ground travel in between)

Sector1. Tokyo - Helsinki

Sector2. Helsinki - London

(Ground travel by car, train, etc.)

Sector3. Paris - Frankfurt

Sector4. Frankfurt - Tokyo

What you should pay attention to

If your itinerary includes a transit within 24 hours, please don't enter the transit airport/city in the destination field. Otherwise, the seat availability may not be shown correctly.

Example) Itineraries that include connecting flights within 24 hours

Sector1. Fukuoka - Tokyo (transit within 24 hours) - Kona

Sector2. Kona - Honolulu

Sector3. Honolulu - Tokyo (transit within 24 hours) - Fukuoka