Fukuoka Airport Domestic Lounge

Fukuoka Airport Lounge for Domestic Flights Relax and unwind while enjoying JAL's spirit of hospitality.

Diamond Premier Lounge

Sakura Lounge



  • Most of the lounge area faces windows to provide an open, scenic view of the runways.
  • The new lounges offer high quality, sophisticated areas with a modern touch, incorporating textures of Japanese materials and traditional crafts originating in Fukuoka.
  • A cozy layout that is suitable whether traveling on business or for leisure Each seat is spacious and functional with ample space for storing bags.

Mr. Ryu Kosaka

(Interior Designer)

Born in 1960, Tokyo, he graduated from the architecture department of Musashino Art University and entered Nomura Co., Ltd. He is currently the creative director of A.N.D. (Aoyama Nomura Design) within Nomura's commercial space department. He has worked on several high-profile restaurants and hotels, including the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo Main Dining Room, and the environmental design for the Shin-Marunouchi Building. In the last few years his activities has been expanded to foreign countries.

Mr. Hironori Takeuchi


Born in Chiba in 1982. Graduated Musashino Art University. In 2011, joined NOMURA Co., Ltd. Has Designed many luxury spaces, including JAL’s international lounge at Tokyo Haneda Airport, W Guangzhou- FEI, LEXUS MEETS…HIBIYA.


  • JAL's exclusive domestic lounge reopens to offer a superlatively relaxing atmosphere.
  • Light meals served throughout the day.


  • Renovated with a brand new interior design for optimal rest, relaxation and comfort.
  • the lounge has expanded in space.


Digital artwork changes in real time on large screens in the entrance area to the Diamond and JGC Premier security checkpoint.

Digital Art by team Lab

At the entrance to the security for Diamond JGC Premier, a new work of "Spatial Calligraphy and Crane - White Silver" by teamLab welcomes you.
teamLab has been working on the Spatial Calligraphy series of works for several years. Spatial Calligraphy offers a contemporary interpretation of traditional Japanese sho (calligraphy)in an abstract space. The video artwork reconstructs Japanese sho in 3 dimensional space and expresses the depth, speed and power of the brush stroke.
The latest work by teamLab.
The artwork becomes brighter with the daily sun rise and darker along with the setting sun.

team Lab

teamLab is a collective, interdisciplinary creative group that brings together professionals from various fields of practice in the digital society: artists, programmers, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians, architects, web and print graphic designers and editors. Referring to themselves as "Ultra-technologists," their aim is to achieve a balance between art, science, technology and creativity.

After getting off the escalator to the lounge, guests are greeted by a calligraphic work by Japan's celebrated calligrapher, Shishu.

Calligraphy art by Sisyu
Going up to the lounge by escalator, calligraphic sculpture "letterscape" by Ms. Sisyu, a famous Japanese calligraphy artist, welcomes you.

ゥ masaaki miyazawa

Sisyu (Calligraphic artist)

A Japanese calligraphic artist officially recognized by the Japanese government. Born in Japan, she dedicated herself to creation ever since she started "Sho" (calligraphy)at the age of six. Moved to Tokyo and started her professional career as a calligrapher. Her creations inherit the traditional "Sho" and express the transition from the past to a new age of "Sho" with a new perspective. Using calligraphy, Sisyu has established herself as an artist in Japanese calligraphy and she has expanded this by incorporating them into other art forms such as sculptures, media arts, and paintings. This comes in forms of etched iron calligraphy, and her latest artwork adds calligraphy etched in glasses to the collection. This has evolved into a grander scale that combines sculptures, lights, and shadows. Through this work, Sisyu symbolizes the Japanese soul of "Zen" and is consistently projecting this art form to the world.
Her latest endeavor involved being invited by Societe Nationale des Beaux-Arts (founded 155 years ago by Rodin)in year 2014 and 2015 as a VIP guest where she adorned the entrance area of the art exhibition (Art Salon)at the basement hall "Carrousel du Louvre" with 250m2 of floor space.

Diamond Premier Lounge

Sakura Lounge

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