• International Business Class Inflight Meal Reservation Service International Business Class Inflight Meal Reservation Service

Inflight meal reservations for Business Class now available!


For eligible flights departing from Japan, you can also order an “Express Meal” which can only be pre-ordered.
Please pre-ordered JAL Meal Skip Option if you would like to take a good rest on the plane or if you would like to help us reduce food waste.

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Applicable routes

Medium- and long-distance routes serviced by JAL

Europe, U.S., Australia, and Southeast Asia routes

  • Service not available for breakfasts on flights departing at night.
  • Service not available for NON BEEF selection on Hawaii routes and the flight departing from Jakarta to Narita (JL720).
  • Service not available for Extra scheduled flights and Charter flights.(except for some flights)

How to make a reservation

Visit the JAL website and click the "Service Selection (Seat,Meal)" button for your flight on the Booking Details screen.
Meals may be ordered on the "Optional service" screen when booking a new ticket.

Available inflight meals

Passengers can choose from three types of meals : Japanese, Western (Western meals contain beef), and Western (Western meals contain seafood, chicken, etc)

  • For Hawaii Routes, Western (Western meals contain seafood, chicken, etc) is not applicable.

Reservation deadlines

  • 25 hours prior to international flight departure (local time)
  • For Japanese meal and Western meal (beef) of JL30/JL754, 48 hours prior to international departure (local time)


  • Please contact reservations if you can not order special inflight meals on JAL Web site.
  • Please make order after you have confirmed schedule changes.
  • The number of inflight meals that can be reserved is limited.
  • The inflight meal reservation service is not available on the following situations :
    - The passnger has booked a tour package (group tour)
    - The booked flight has been canceled
    - The passnger has booked codeshare flights operated by JAL but bearing a flight number of another airline.
    - Flights in waitlist

Q&A regarding inflight meal reservations

You can search all JAL Inflight Meal (including reservation available meals) below.