How to Accumulate Flight Mileage and Request Post-Flight Credit

How to Accumulate Flight Mileage

Flight mileage is automatically credited to your JMB account when you travel on eligible flights. In order to accrue miles, your JMB membership number must be provided when making the reservation or at check-in. Sector mileage information can be found at the links below.


Make your reservation

On the JAL website

To make a reservation, log in to your JMB account using your JMB membership number and password.

By phone

When making a reservation, please provide your JMB membership number.

  • If you are also a member of a frequent flyer program operated by a JMB partner airline, you must specify the program that will be credited when making your reservation. Please request post-flight credit when crediting different flights to different programs. Duplicate registration of mileage with other programs is not permitted.
  • When traveling on JAL domestic flights, mileage can also be registered through the self-service kiosk that are located at the airport. For round trip itineraries, mileage registration must be carried out separately for the outbound and return flight. Please click "self-service kiosk available airports" for a list of airports with self-service kiosk.


Miles are credited automatically

Mileage will be reflected to your account within two to three days for JAL Group domestic flights, within four to five days for JAL international flights, and within one to four weeks for flights on JMB partner airlines.

  • Please retain your ticket copies, original boarding pass, and all other flight documents until your mileage has been credited to your account, including mileage for flights traveled on JMB partner airlines.


Verify that your miles have been credited to your account

Check your JMB account within six months from your flight date.
If your mileage has not been credited, please request post-flight credit.

On the JAL website
By phone