oneworld Award Tickets

Travel the world with oneworld alliance airlines. Award tickets start from 25,000 miles.


LATAM Airlines will leave the oneworld alliance on May 1, 2020.
Effective May 1, 2020, new bookings for oneworld Award Tickets with LATAM Airlines (LA/JJ/XL/4M) flight sectors will not be accepted. Already booked/ticketed oneworld Award tickets are valid as booked. Please note that on/after May 1, 2020, LATAM Airlines (LA/JJ/XL/4M) flight changes will be accepted only by JMB Award Reservations Desk/JMB Center and not through the JAL website.

Some services are temporarily unavailable at the moment on the JAL website. Please see the following page for the details.

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Class of Service

All travel should be in the same class of service. When different classes of service are involved in a journey, the required mileage for the higher class will apply.
Premium Economy Class is not eligible with an Economy Class award, but is eligible with a First Class award or Business Class award.
Please note that no mileage will be refunded if downgrading to Economy Class due to change of aircraft.

Flight Sectors and Stopovers

  • For each award, a maximum of 8 flight sectors excluding surface sectors will be permitted in the whole itinerary.
  • Two Japan domestic flight sectors can be included in the whole itinerary.
  • For each award, a maximum of 7 stopovers (a stay more than 24 hours or surface sector) are permitted in the whole itinerary.
  • For itineraries originating in Japan, stopovers within Japan are not permitted.
  • "One city" can be included three times at maximum for the whole itinerary. Stopovers at "one city" are permitted once in the whole itinerary.
  • One surface sector is permitted in the whole itinerary.
  • A surface sector is counted to be "one stopover" regardless of the sojourn time.
  • The distance of a surface sector will not be included in total trip distance* (miles).
    Please note that itineraries that contain certain surface sectors will not be permitted as one award ticket, depending on how the surface sector is arranged.
    Example: When the distance of the surface sector is greater than the distance from the first flight sector's departure city to the surface sector's starting point.
  • Total trip distance is used to calculate the number of miles required for an award ticket.


  • One-way trips are permitted.
  • "Point of origin" and "Final returning point" may be different and those cities may be located in different countries.
  • Itineraries cannot back-track to the point of origin in order to continue onwards to a final destination.
  • Itineraries cannot back-track to the country of origin in order to continue onwards to a third country.


Not Permitted

  • Flight sectors where airlines do not have traffic rights are not eligible.
  • To comply with U.S. transportation rules, itineraries between two cities in the U.S. (including Hawaii and Guam) via Japan must include at least one international flight that is operated by a U.S. carrier.
    Please contact us for details.
  • Including itineraries regarded as "via Japan" by U.S. authorities.
  • Due to U.S. transportation rules, itineraries between two different Canadian cities via a U.S. city (a stay for less than 12 hours) and/or itineraries between two different Mexican cities via a U.S. city (a stay for less than 12 hours) are not permitted.


Award tickets cannot be upgraded (to the next higher class of service) by paying the fare differential or through combined use with an upgrade award.

Restricted Travel Dates for Awards

JAL Group airlines

Restricted Travel Dates for JAL International Routes will apply.

Other partner airlines

There are no restricted travel dates.
At other times the number of seats available for award travel may be limited, or may not be available.

  • Restricted travel dates are subject to change without prior notice. Please check for current information when making your reservation.

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