Airport Upgrades for JAL International Award Tickets

With this service, customers with a JAL international award ticket can apply for a change to a higher class of service at the airport of their departure.
This service can be used when a seat is available in the next higher class of service than that of the award ticket.

Eligible flights for this service

JAL International Flights

  • Code-share flights operated by partner airlines are excluded.
  • Ineligible flights are subject to change without prior notice.

Eligible members

A JMB member who flies on the flights specified above using his or her own miles.

  • Required mileage will be deducted from the account of the traveling JMB member.
  • For JALCARD Family Program members and JAL Family Club members, mileage will be automatically deducted from the family mileage pool.
  • JMB members may also use miles for a traveling family member within two degrees of kinship upon presentation of their JMB Card or JALCARD or submission of a proxy registration form at the airport.

Eligible tickets

JAL international award tickets issued by Japan Airlines

Required mileage

The required mileage for this service is the same as that for JAL International Upgrade Awards (one way).

  • Certain classes of service may not be available depending on the route or operating aircraft.
  • Awards issued for children and infants who occupy their own seat will require the same number of miles as those issued for adults. (Awards issued for infants sharing a seat with an adult are issued at 10% of the applicable adult mileage level. This infant mileage level will apply only when the accompanying adult travels on the same award type.)


  • Not applicable when next higher class of service is fully booked at the time of check-in.
  • Advance application for this service will not be accepted. You must request this service on the day of departure.
  • Service class changes are limited to the next higher class only.
    * For example, if you booked an Economy Class ticket, it cannot be changed to a First Class seat.
  • Please apply for this service at the airport where your flight will depart. When using the through check-in service, please request this service at the airport of the flight which will be changed to a higher class of service.
  • You cannot use this service when in-flight meal is in shortage and is not loaded.