Redeeming Mileage

Redeem your miles for award tickets, coupons that can be used for travel, electronic money, and much more. Awards are available from 1,000 miles.

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e JAL Point Awards

Available from 1,000 miles

e JAL Points can be used to purchase airline tickets or package tours on the JAL website.

WAON Electronic Money Award

Available from 3,000 miles

WAON Electronic Money can be used as payment at WAON member stores across Japan.

JAL Charity Miles

Available from 3,000 miles

Donate your miles to charity. Donations are accepted in units of 3,000 miles.

ZIPAIR Points Award

Available from 3,000 miles

Redeem your miles for ZIPAIR Points that can be used to purchase ZIPAIR flight tickets or to purchase optional services.

JAL Domestic Award Tickets (one way)

Available from 4,000 miles

JAL Domestic Award Tickets (One-way) can be used for any one-way trip from 4,000 miles.

JAL Mileage Bank World Marketplace (Shop with Miles)

Available from 4,000 miles

Exchange your miles for a wide variety of recommended Japanese and international products including watches, shoes, accessories and electronic appliances.

There are other point programs listed only on the Japanese page.

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