JAL Family Service

JAL provides unique services to assist your travel for your overseas transfer, return from an overseas office, and travels to see a family member working overseas.

Important Notice

Due to the request of the authorities, JAL Family Service has been suspended its provision when arriving at San Francisco International Airport.

Service offered

1.Services offered at the departure

Our airport staff assists you from check in to boarding at your departure airport for JAL international flight.

2.In flight service

Your cabin attendants will take care of you to make your travel more comfortable. Baby beds, paper diapers, a JAL original “JAL BABY CRUISE”, which includes baby food for an infant under two years, a spoon and an apron, and food for children over two years are available.

  • Advance reservations for certain items are required. For further details, please click here for “International flight services for infants and children”.

3.Services offered at the arrival or the transfer


We guide you to the arrival lobby from JAL shipside.


(JAL to other airlines' flight/codeshare flight)
We guide you to the check-in counter or your next boarding gate from JAL shipside.

  • Guidance may be limited to the departure entrance area (Security check etc) due to airport security restrictions and/or the receiving carrier's regulations.
  • When connecting flight on another airline departs from a different terminal, guidance my be limited to verbal instructions on how to reach the connecting flight or check in counter
  • When connection time to next flight is more than 3 hours, guidance will be provided from JAL shipside to the departure entrance (Security check, transfer desk etc)

(Other airlines' flight/codeshare flight to JAL)
We meet you at shipside or transfer desk and guide you to the JAL boarding gate.

  • Meeting point may vary depending on security restrictions or airport circumstances (escort unable to enter other airline terminal etc).
  • When connection time from connecting flight is more than 3 hours, guidance will begin at the JAL check-in counter or JAL boarding gate.

(JAL to JAL)
We guide you from the arrival shipside to the next JAL flight gate.

Multiple sets of passengers may be guided by one staff. Also, we appreciate your kind understanding that Japanese speaking staff may not always be available at all airports.


Passengers who fly JAL flights with the eligible fare*1 *2 , and travel exclusively for the purpose of overseas business transfer, return from an overseas office, or a travel to see a family member working overseas. Please note that the following conditions are applied:

  1. Applicable booking classes printed on the purchased ticket are F/A/J/C/D/X/I/U/W/Y.
    However, Individual Inclusive Tour Fares or other special discount fares are not eligible.
    The eligibility of family service will differ in different region, please contact our office for more information.
  2. Passengers who travel on International Award Tickets are eligible for this service only when flying in First Class or Business Class.
  1. Spouse alone
  2. Spouse with a child under 16
  3. A child who is 12 or older and under 16
  4. A family member who is 60 or older
  5. Children under 16 and adults, provided that the number of children exceeds the number of adults
  • In principle, this service is available to passengers on Japan outbound or inbound flights.

Passengers using a code-share flight

This service is not available for passengers using code-share flights operated by our partner airlines. We would appreciate your understanding.

How to apply for the service

  1. Please call the JAL International Reservation by two days prior to departure. Following information will be required.
    a. Purpose of the travel (overseas transfer, travel to see a family member, etc.)
    b. The name of the family member you will visit, your relationship, and the name of his company
    c. Telephone numbers of his overseas house and office
    d. The number, name(s), and age(s) of the child/children you are taking with
  2. We will provide you with “Family Service Sticker”. Please receive them at the check-in counter on the day of departure.
  3. For Peak season
    (March 20 to April 10, July 20 to August 31)
    Please call the JAL International Reservation 7 days prior to departure.

Information and reservation

Please contact the JAL call center to request.

If you live outside of Japan, please contact the following office.