Tokyo International Airport (Narita)
Sakura Lounge

A luxurious and relaxing time in a comfortable space


Spend a moment in refined and elegant surroundings
before your flight

A spacious lounge with color scheme themed around warm, earthy tones.
Marrying functionality and comfort, it's the perfect setting for any situation. The
large windows provide an open feel, offering close-up views of nearby aircraft
as you sit back and relax.

A beautifully lit spiral staircase runs through the center of the lounge, for a touch of grandeur beyond the everyday.

The large windows offer multi-angle views of the runway, so you can gaze out at the various aircraft that come and go. It's a scene that encapsulates the excitement of travel, while making the lounge feel open and expansive.

The lounge offers free Wi-Fi access and facilities including a shower room, a kids' room, and a business center equipped with computers, printers and more. It's an environment tailored to the needs of all passengers.


Enjoy the fascinating view and eat to your heart's content

An eclectic menu is provided in buffet style, featuring Japanese and Western
dishes, among others. These can be enjoyed while gazing out at the open
scenery, which takes on a different feel at each time of day.

Whether traveling alone or in a group, the seats are yours for as long as you like, so there's no time pressure. Whether you want a light meal or something more substantial, the buffet style allows you to stay flexible depending on your departure time.

Our dining area's table coordinator is dining-space designer and food business consultant Yukiko Yamamoto.

The relaxing room spreads out before you at the top of the spiral staircase. Enjoy a laid-back breakfast under the warm morning sun, or dine to a romantic evening backdrop. The view from the large windows is one of the lounge's most appealing features.


A specially selected menu rich with variety

Choose from a selection of quality gourmet dishes, including JAL's beloved
Original Beef Curry and freshly baked bread from Maison Kayser.
These can be paired with a selection of fine beverages, including seasonal
wines and Japanese saké.

  • The picture of the meal is an image.
  • Please note that some menu offerings are subject to change.

JAL's Original Beef Curry is an especially popular choice. The luxurious texture of the thickly cut beef is not to be missed.

Our seasonal wines are carefully selected by JAL's wine connoisseurs: Motohiro Okoshi, known as Japan's first wine taster. We have also put together a substantial lineup of choice saké selected by Hasegawa Saketen, intended to showcase the delights of Japanese saké to the world. Why not savor a drop as the perfect accompaniment to your meal?

At the dining area, you can enjoy baguettes and croissants baked in traditional French style by the popular boulangerie Maison Kayser, as well as fresh salads and much more besides.


This spacious lounge, with its warm and earthy color scheme, is equipped with the same
multi-functional facilities and services as the JAL First Class Lounge. Thanks to the kids'
room and nap room, anyone can have a relaxing time, families included.

Second floor

Third floor

Please enjoy THE DINING on the third floor

Other information

Opening hours

Main building : 7:30 - 22:00

Criteria based on membership status

Available in the following statuses.




JAL Global Club

  • One accompanying guest is also welcome.
    * An infant under 2 years of age is not counted as an additional guest.
  • The second companion and third companions can use lounge coupons, one per person.

Criteria based on boarding class

Available in the following statuses.

First Class *1

Business Class

Premium Economy Class *2

Economy Class
(Flex Y Fare) *3

  1. First Class passengers may be accompanied by one other person.
  2. Excludes passengers upgraded to Premium Economy Class at the airport on the same day. Passengers traveling on codeshare flights managed by other companies are not eligible for lounge use.
  3. Passengers traveling on flights to Seoul or Guam are not eligible for lounge use.