Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)
Sakura Lounge

Relax before your flight, in a space that
embodies Japanese hospitality and spirit.

Important Notice

Please refer to the following page for the latest operating hours of international JAL lounges at Haneda and Narita airports.


Savor the excitement before departure with fantastic views

Depending on your mood, you can enjoy the great views unique to the 
location or relax in a chic space with dimmed lighting. With the concept of 
”room to room,” the Sakura Lounge varies in ambience by space. Relax in 
comfort in the area you prefer.

Subtly separated by a lattice, we offer varying concepts and seating layouts, so you can choose according to your mood or the number of people in your party.

In good weather, you can see Skytree and Mt. Fuji from Sakura Lounge. Below, there is a view of airplanes parked or taking off.

With a modern Japanese concept, this space exudes warmth with wooden floors and walls. Guests can use the many electrical outlets and USB ports available around the seats, in addition to free Wi-Fi, printers, phone booths, and changing rooms.


A view of the sky and dining in style

Enjoy all kinds of cuisine in the airy space decorated by artwork with the
themes of airplanes, winds, sky, and other. The vast views from the large
windows are also a treat.

Guests can enjoy the runways and views at various angles from the Dining area. We also invite you to indulge in the dynamic sunset that fills the windows and the romantic night views.

The art with rice scoop motifs in the Dining area is unique and fun. Combined with the festive hanging lights, the ambience is subtly pop and cheery.

This space is perfect for contemplation before your flight. Relax here with MI CAFETO coffee or your preferred alcoholic beverage.


Big smiles with the richly varied menu

Offerings include the JAL Special Original Beef Curry, fresh salads, bread
from Maison Kayser, and carefully-selected desserts. Enjoy the exquisite food
with seasonal wines and sake.

  • The picture of the meal is an image.
  • Please note that some menu offerings are subject to change.

We have many menu offerings from breakfast through dinner according to hour. JAL Special Original Beef Curry is available all day during business hours.

The drink menu is also extensive. Table coordinator Yukiko Yamamoto has created a display where guests can easily see and enjoy selecting from the offerings.

A wine-taster Motohiro Okoshi have curated the wines, while Hasegawasaketen selected the seasonal sake.

A wide range of offerings are available at the Dining area, including baguettes and croissants from the popular boulangerie Maison Kayser, fresh salads, and desserts.


Each floor features decorations, furnishings and artworks that draw inspiration from classical
Japan, as well as being equipped to meet the needs of our guests. 

The varying design schemes across each floor and area are not just nice to look at; they are
devised to suit the various moods and needs of each of our guests.

Fourth floor

Fifth floor

Other information

Opening hours

  • Main building (fourth floor) :
    6:00 - Until the departure of the last flight
  • Sky view:
    7:00 - 12:00 / 18:00 - 23:00

Important Notice

Please refer to the following page for the latest operating hours of international JAL lounges at Haneda and Narita airports.

Criteria based on membership status

Available in the following statuses.




JAL Global Club

  • One accompanying guest is also welcome.
    * An infant under 2 years of age is not counted as an additional guest.
  • The second companion and third companions can use lounge coupons, one per person.

Criteria based on boarding class

Available in the following statuses.

First Class *1

Business Class

Premium Economy Class *2

Economy Class
(Flex Y Fare) *3

  1. First Class passengers may be accompanied by one other person.
  2. Excludes passengers upgraded to Premium Economy Class at the airport on the same day. Passengers traveling on codeshare flights managed by other companies are not eligible for lounge use.
  3. Passengers traveling on flights to Seoul or Guam are not eligible for lounge use.