Tokyo (Haneda) to Doha Direct Flights Will be available from March 31, 2024!

The first direct flight by a Japanese airline to the Middle East is finally underway!

Using the international network of Qatar Airways, a oneworld member, you can connect from Doha to the Middle East, Europe, Africa and South America!

Why not open the door to a new world with JAL?

Doha is the capital of Qatar, a country with a unique blend of tradition and culture on the Persian Gulf.

A city full of attractions,from modern facilities and hotels to traditional souks and museums to breathtaking natural deserts.

Time difference from Japan

Six hours behind

When it is 14:00 in Japan, it is 8:00 in Doha.

Official language


but English is also widely spoken.

National religion


The unit of currency

The Qatari Riyal

1 QAR ≈ 40.4 yen
(as of December 7, 2023)

Souq Waqif

Located in the center of Doha, this market with an Arabian atmosphere is filled with the aroma of spices. The market is bustling in the evenings and offers everything from souvenirs for tourists to daily essentials.

Courtesy of Qatar Tourism

Museum of Islamic Art

The building itself is also a work of art. Enjoy the masterpieces of Islamic art spanning more than 1,400 years at this waterfront museum designed by world-renowned architect I.M.Pei.

Courtesy of Qatar Tourism

Katara Cultural Village

A complex where visitors can experience art and culture. It has various facilities including the colorful Katara Mosque, the gold mosque covered with gold tiles, an amphitheater, and an art gallery. It also has a shopping street with outdoor cooling systems.

The Pearl Qatar

A man-made island with luxurious towers and high-end hotels, restaurants, and boutiques. There is also a marina lined with Mediterranean-style yachts and colorful streets with Instagram-worthy images.

Courtesy of Qatar Tourism

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Flight Number


Departure Time

Arrival Time

Flight Details


Tokyo (Haneda)→Doha



Operates daily from March 31, 2024


Doha→Tokyo (Haneda)



Operates daily from April 1, 2024

  • The above schedule may differ depending on the departure date. Please check the Availability page or Reservation details for latest information.

Economy Class

From Tokyo (Haneda)
To Doha

Round trip


Business Class

From Tokyo (Haneda)
To Doha

Round trip


Fare Information

  • Fares shown when purchased from April to May 2024 include fuel surcharges which is applied to JAL international flights arriving at and departing from Japan but exclude insurance surcharge, passenger facility charge etc.
  • For limited-time fares, please note that even if the fares are listed, fares that have surpassed the booking period cannot be purchased. In addition, there may be certain periods during which the limited-time fares do not apply on specific routes.
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  • In the event of a fare revision after purchase, no adjustments (additional payment or refund) will be made for the price difference. The fare amount applied will be based on the valid fare at the time of purchase.