About booking international flight on JAL website (outbound journey from Japan)

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About reservation

How to manage booking

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Passengers traveling with a JMB International Upgrade Award

To use the upgrade award, you are required to purchase a ticket for the flight first, then apply the upgrade from the JMB top page upon login.

If there are no seats available for an upgrade on the requested flight, the class of the purchased fare will be accommodated. Even for ticket refund due to no seats being available for upgrade, cancellation and refund charges will apply.

About Seat selection

Seats on JAL Group flights can be selected at the time of booking.
Seat selection is not available in the following situations.

  • When all seats available for advance seat selection have already been assigned (limited availability)
  • Codeshare flights which are not served by JAL Group aircraft and crew. (However, advance seat selection may be available on certain codeshare flights, for which, the online seat map will be shown automatically.)
  • Deutsche Bahn Rail segments

About waitlist

JAL international flights, JAL domestic flights connecting to JAL international flights, other airlines' flights included in the itinerary

  • Fares eligible for waitlist is Normal fares
  • Request deadline is as stipulated in the fare rules
  • JMB members can apply for waitli (JMB member must be a passenger and login to make the waitlist booking.)
  • Itineraries eligible for waitlist is One-way trip, Round trip, Open-jaw

About Cancellation

To cancel a booking before ticket purchase, it is acceptable before the departure date of the first flight segment in the itinerary.

Refunds are available until 3 hours prior to the departure time.Cancellation and refund charges will apply.

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