Refunding your ticket

For voluntary cancellation requests, please refer to the applicable cancellation fare rules on your ticket and contact where you purchased the tickets for more information on cancellation or refund procedures.
Please refer to the following links for more details.

Involuntary ticket refund


Tickets / EMDs applicable for refund

JAL International tickets and EMDs (ticket and EMD numbers that begin with 131)

  • Domestic tickets that begin with 131-14,131-875~9 or Domestic EMDs that begin with 131-553 are excluded.
  • Please contact the JAL international reservation center or city counter for JAL International tickets reissued by other airlines or other airlines' tickets reissued by JAL.

Where to apply for refund

Place of ticket purchase

  1. Refund may not be available due to functional restrictions. For refund of tickets originating from India, please contact the JAL international reservation center in India.
  2. Depending on the currency of payment, refund at a country outside the country of purchase may not be possible due to currency restrictions.

Refund application period

Refundable amount

Processing time required for refund