Updated : 2022/6/15


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Terminal 3

Transfer from international flights to international flights

Please complete the boarding procedure at the connecting counter and proceed to the boarding entrance.

If the reservation number of the JAL flight and the transfer flight is different, the transfer procedure may take a long time.

Or, you may need to enter India once. Please prepare the documents required for entry in advance by yourself.

Transfer from JAL to other airlines (international flights)

  • Please inform the staff near the JAL flight arrival gate. The staff will guide you to the transfer counter.
  • The transfer counter is opened according to the departure time of the flight, so you may have to wait for a long time depending on the departure time of the transfer flight.

Transfer from other airlines (international flights) to JAL

  • Please inform the staff near the arrival gate of the flight that was used until Delhi.
  • Please wait until the check in start time (in principle, 4 hours before the departure time).

Transfer from JAL to other airlines (India domestic flights)

After completing Immigration, Baggage Claim, and Customs, please check the departure terminal of the transfer flight, and proceed to the boarding gate.

Please make sure to pick up your baggage even if the procedure to the final destination is completed. You need a customs inspection at the airport where you first enter India.

Transfer from other airlines (India domestic flights) to JAL

If you have completed the JAL flight, pass the immigration and security inspection and proceed to the boarding gate.

If you have not completed the JAL flight, please proceed to the JAL check in counter.

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