Flight information on the earthquake occurred around Taiwan

Today at 8:50, a large earthquake struck Taiwan area.

The following airports may experience irregular operations due to an earthquake.

April 3

All day : Tanegashima, Yakushima, Kikaijima, Amamioshima, Tokunoshima, Okinoerabu, Yoron, Minamidaito, Kitadaito, Kumejima, Okinawa Naha, Miyako, Ishigaki, Tarama, Yonaguni

  • Some of the flights have been cancelled.

Flight operation information will be reflected to flight arrival and departure information search as soon as decided.
We recommend checking the latest flight status of your flight from flight arrival and departure information search.

  • Flight arrival and departure information is available 1 day prior to flight departure.

If a flight disruption is expected due to an earthquake, you can change your ticket or get a refund even if the delay/cancellation hasn't been finalized.
Please check the following link about ”Eligible airports” and ”Changes and refunds when flight schedules are expected to change” caused by earthquake.

You may proceed ticket refund through JAL website.
For tickets that cannot be refunded on the website or that was not refunded before departure,we have prepared a refund application form.
If you have an eligible ticket, you can request a refund from the below within 30 days from departure date.

The latest flight operation information of your flight is notified by email.
Please check the following link for detail.

April 3, 2024
Japan Airlines