JAL Family Club

No annual fee JAL Family Club (JALFC) offers full support to JMB members relocating to countries outside of Japan - covering everything from pre-departure preparations to repatriation

Before relocating outside Japan:'Funin' Overseas Relocation Flight Bonus Miles, JAL 'Funin' Overseas Relocation Plan and more! While living outside Japan:Family mileage pool, Family members can combine miles to redeem for awards and more! Before repatriating to Japan:Return Flight Bonus Miles, Baggage Delivery Service and more!

What is JAL Family Club?

JAL Family Club (JALFC) is a membership program for JMB members who move to a country outside Japan in order to fulfill a work assignment, study abroad, or for any other reason. There is no annual fee to participate.
In addition to the standard JAL Mileage Bank services, JALFC members can combine their family miles to redeem for awards, earn bonus miles when flying on JAL flights, take advantage of special baggage allowances, receive invitations to special events, and enjoy other exclusive benefits and services.


Primary member Your family's designated primary member can be any eligible family member 12 years of age or older, who is a JMB member and resides (or is planning to reside) in a country other than Japan.
Family members Family members are other JMB members who enroll in JAL Family Club as the primary member's spouse, the primary member's children, the primary member's parents, the spouse's parents, or the children's spouses. There is no age restriction. Up to 8 persons can be registered as family members.
  • *Upon enrolling in JAL Family Club, any JALCARD Family Program membership will be withdrawn automatically.
  • *For family members, country of residence is not taken into consideration. Family members' registered contact information and membership region will be the same as that of the primary member.
  • *After relocating to a country outside Japan, you will be registered in a membership region other than Japan and will be unable to use any awards that are available only to Japan Region members.

Eligible Countries and Regions

American Region Countries in North America (including Hawaii and Guam), Central America, South America
Europe, Middle East & Africa Region Countries in Europe, Middle East (from Iran to the west), Africa
Asia & Oceania Region Countries in Asia and Oceania

Various Fees

Renewal Fee After enrolling with JALFC, a renewal fee of 1,000 miles will be deducted every 5 years. JALFC membership will be withdrawn automatically if the automatic deduction is not possible.
Family Member Addition Fee 1,000miles will be charged for each request to add new family member(s), regardless of the number of new family members included in the request.
  • *No fee will be charged for changing JALFC primary members or withdrawing from JALFC.
  • *When using mileage to pay for JALFC-related fees, the respective mileage will be deducted from the family mileage pool.
  • *If a member does not have enough miles to pay the Initial Registration Fee or the Family Member Additional Fee, the member agrees that the miles required for payment will be deducted automatically once a sufficient number of miles have accrued.

How to Enroll

Please apply for JAL Family Club enrollment before you relocate to a country outside of Japan.
To complete the enrollment process, you will need to provide your JMB membership number and the JMB membership numbers of all participating family members.

  • *You can also apply for JALFC Family Club enrollment after you relocate. Please note that separate fees will apply.

The enrollment process should be completed around three weeks prior to relocation.

For JMB members

Click the button below to access the JAL Family Club Enrollment Application.

If you are not yet a JMB member

No enrollment fee! No annual fee!

To join JAL Family Club, you must be a JAL Mileage Bank member. Click the button below to enroll online with JAL Mileage Bank.

For JAL Family Club members

To access the JAL Family Club site, click the button to the right.


0570-025-818*(toll call)

Please use the following telephone number when calling internationally or from certain IP phones.

03-5460-3999*(toll call)

Operator assistance: 9:30 - 17:30 (not available on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, or the Year-End and New Year holiday)

  • *The content of your conversation may be recorded to ensure quality service.
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