JAL Family Club

No annual fee JAL Family Club (JALFC) offers full support to JMB members relocating to countries outside of Japan - covering everything from pre-departure preparations to repatriation

Before Relocating

'Funin' Overseas Relocation Flight Bonus Miles

When relocating from Japan, 5,000 miles will be added to each JALFC member's account.

  • Subject to eligible flights and eligible fares.

Excess Baggage Charge Waiver Service

Check in two extra free bags per JALFC member, in addition to the standard baggage allowance.

  • Subject to eligible flights and eligible fares. Requests for this service must be made in advance.

JAL 'Funin' Overseas Relocation Plan

Earn points based on your traveled route and fare - and then exchange your points for a variety of convenient services.

  • Subject to eligible flights and eligible fares. All requests must be made in advance
  • Airport Transportation Service
  • Pre-Flight Hotel Stay Service
  • Airport Baggage Delivery Service

and more !

Expatriate Full Package Program (for JALCARD holders only)

Comprehensive coverage for expatriates, preparing you against injuries, illness, and other unforeseen circumstances.

JAL Family Club also offers other exclusive services that allow members to earn miles.

While Living Outside Japan

Family Mileage Pool

Family members registered with JALFC can combine their miles to redeem for awards.

Co-Branded Credit Cards in Local Currency

  • JMB members who are not registered with JALFC can also apply for these cards.

Bonus Miles for the First Flight After Renewal

Primary members will receive 1,000 miles when they fly on a JAL international flight within one year of renewing their JALFC membership. JALFC membership is renewed once every five years.

  • Subject to eligible flights and eligible fares.

Discounts and Special Offers from JMB Partners Outside Japan

JMB members can enjoy discounts and special offers at participating stores and restaurants around the world.

  • Also available to JMB members who are not registered with JALFC.

Bonus Miles for JALCARD Holders

Extra Bonus mileage Promotion for JALFC members who are also JALCARD holders.

Additionally, there are other exclusive opportunities for JALFC members to earn miles.

When Repatriating to Japan

Baggage Delivery Service

When repatriating to Japan, up to two pieces of baggage per family will be delivered free of charge from the airport to a location of your choice.

  • Only available when repatriating to Japan.
  • Subject to eligible flights and eligible fares.