Sakura Lounge
Suvarnabhumi International Airport


Trees, flowers, wind, light, and flowing water
Pause and relax for a moment in this contemporary space inspired by Japanese harmony and decorated in earth tones.


Welcoming you with genuine Japanese hospitality

Guests are greeted in a spacious reception area.
Enjoy a moment of inspiration and calm before you take flight.


Offering you a refined moment of comfort before boarding

Enjoy a moment of relaxation in a stylish,
modern Japanese atmosphere.


This spacious dining area offers a selection of cuisines to suit your mood, from Japanese to Thai.


Refined and relaxed dining

At our extensive buffet counter, guests are treated to Japanese staples such as Japanese-style curry and sozai small plates, as well as spicy Thai delicacies such as gapao rice and green curry.


Our dining area is managed by Nippon-Tei,
a long-established Japanese restaurant serving Bangkok for more than 30 years. We offer everything from classic Japanese meals to light bites such as breads, all of the highest quality.

The Bangkok Sakura Lounge dining table changes with each season and every moment.
Come and relax before you take flight.


We offer a superlative standard of Japanese-centered cuisine in collaboration with Nippon-Tei, the beloved Bangkok-based Japanese restaurant.
As well as the Nippon-Tei house special curry, guests can enjoy an authentic offering of Thai favorites, including green curry and gapao rice.

Served all day

Beef or Chicken Curry Rice

Nippon-Tei's extremely popular curry rice has just the right amount of spice. This dish is always available made with chicken or beef, to please every customer.

Served all day

Salad Cup

Single-serving salad in a convenient cup with a choice of three dressings.

  • *Limited number available per day, dishes may sell out.
Served all day

Japanese Home Cooking

A broad selection of Japanese dishes including fish cooked in soy broth, bamboo shoots cooked in soy, mirin and bonito,
soybeans with hijiki seaweed, and sweet potato cooked in syrup.

Served all day

Green Curry and Chicken Gapao

You can also savor our special Thai dishes. Served in a convenient format so you can enjoy eating in the lounge.

Served all day


We offer a large selection of drinks including coffee made from special beans grown in Thailand, Japanese drinks such as potato or barley shochu and umeshu plum wine.


  • Shower rooms
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Baggage lockers
  • Telephone booth
  • Restrooms


Criteria based on membership status

Membership status Member Member + One companion
JMB Diamond Available Available
JGC Premier Available Available
JMB Sapphire Available Available
JMB Crystal Not available.
JAL Global Club Available Available
  • *The second and the third companions with a customer, who is a member of JMB Diamond, JGC Premier, JMB Sapphire, JAL Global Club (JGC) with Lounge Coupon may access to the lounge.

    Lounge coupons

Criteria based on boarding class

Boarding class Sakura Lounge
First Class Available
Business Class Available
Premium Economy Class Available
Economy Class (Flex Y Fare) Available
  • *Operating aircraft and seating configurations are subject to change without prior notice.

AM:2 hours 30minutes before JL708 (To NARITA) departure - Until JL32 (To HANEDA) departure
PM:4 hours before JL34 (To HANEDA) departure - Until last JAL flight departure

At the 4th floor boarding area, there are check-in counter, R counter, TG code sharing flight counter, and toilets. Once you pass through the security and the 4th floor immigration control, there are stairs / escalator to the 3rd floor lounge, a passage to each gate. On the 3rd floor there are the Sakura lounge, international transit counters, stairs / escalators from the 4th floor, international transit counters, stairs / escalator from domestic flight (route designation) transfer security.

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