International Business Class Inflight Meal Reservation Service

Inflight Meal Reservation Service Inflight meal reservations for Business Class now available!

Before departure, visit JAL's website and choose either a Japanese or Western meal (beef).

  • Japanese
  • Western meal (beef)

Applicable routes

Medium- and long-distance routes serviced by JAL
Europe, U.S., Australia, and Southeast Asia routes

  • *Service not available for breakfasts on flights departing at night.
  • *Service not available for Extra scheduled flights and Charter flights.(except for some flights)
  • *With the influence of the COVID-19, we will suspend the Inflight Meal Reservation Service for some flights. Please refer to the below link for details.

Flight suspension, reduction of flight frequency and schedule change due to the impact of the Coronavirus

Travel Alert - Information regarding COVID-19

  • Hawaii

    Route Flight Number
    HonoluluJL071, JL072, JL073, JL074, JL783, JL784, JL785, JL786, JL791, JL792, JL793, JL794
    KonaJL770, JL779
  • North America

    Route Flight Number
    San FranciscoJL001, JL002, JL057, JL058
    Los AngelesJL015, JL016, JL060, JL061, JL062, JL069
    SeattleJL067, JL068
    San DiegoJL065, JL066
    ChicagoJL009, JL010
    DallasJL011, JL012
    New YorkJL003, JL004, JL005, JL006
    BostonJL007, JL008
    VancouverJL017, JL018
  • Europe

    Route Flight Number
    MoscowJL040, JL049
    LondonJL041, JL042, JL043, JL044
    ParisJL045, JL046
    HelsinkiJL047, JL048
    FrankfurtJL407, JL408
  • Asia/Oceania

    Route Flight Number
    ManilaJL077, JL078, JL741, JL742, JL745, JL746
    BangkokJL031, JL032, JL707, JL708
    SingaporeJL037, JL711, JL712
    JakartaJL720, JL725, JL729
    Kuala LumpurJL723
    Ho Chi Minh CityJL750, JL759
    DelhiJL030, JL039, JL749, JL740
    BengaluruJL753, JL754
    SydneyJL051, JL052, JL771, JL772

How to make a reservation

  • If you have a revenue ticket, please click the following button and confirm your booking on JAPAN AIRLINES Japan region website ( and then reserve your inflight meal.

Make a reservation

* On JAPAN AIRLINES Japan region website, you may proceed without performing a member login.

  • If you have an award ticket or upgraded flight booked, please complete your member login from the top page of the "JAPAN AIRLINES Worldwide sites" and click on the "View My Reservations". You may then reserve an inflight meal from the Booking Details screen.

Visit the JAL website and click the "Service Selection (Seat,Meal)" button for your flight on the Booking Details screen.
Meals may be ordered on the "Optional service" screen when booking a new ticket.

  • Learn more about reservations on the Booking Details screen


Available inflight meals

Passengers can choose from two types of meals: Japanese and Western (Western meals contain beef)

  • *Western meals other than the above (meals containing seafood, chicken, etc.) cannot be reserved in advance. Please indicate your preference once you have boarded.

Reservation deadlines

  • 25 hours prior to international flight departure (local time)
  • *For JL30/JL740, 48 hours prior to international departure (local time).


  • Please contact reservations if you can not order special in-flight meals on JAL Web site.
  • Please make order after you have confirmed schedule changes.
  • The inflight meal reservation service is not available on the following situations :
    • The passnger has booked a tour package (group tour)
    • The booked flight has been canceled
    • The passnger has booked codeshare flights operated by JAL but bearing a flight number of another airline.
    • Flights in waitlist

Q&A regarding inflight meal reservations

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