Carry-on baggage

Learn about carry-on baggage size and number allowances.

Free carry-on baggage allowance

One bag per person

You may carry onboard one bag containing personal belongings (shopping bag, handbag, etc.) and one additional bag that meets the following conditions, with the total weight of both bags not to exceed 10kg (22lbs).

Length + Width + Height Size limits Maximum weight
Within 115cm (45in) W: within 55cm×H: within 40cm×D: within 25cm
(W: within 22in×H: within 16in×D: within10in)
Within 10kg (22lbs)
A+B+C ≦ 115cm(45in)
  • *If your baggage is oversized or overweight, or unable to be appropriately stowed in the cabin due to the stowage limitations, it may need to be checked in cargo compartment at the boarding gate or cabin. Please switch off electronic devices in your checked baggage. Valuables should not be included in your checked baggage.
  • *Please note that some hazardous items are prohibited by the law as neither carry-on nor checked baggage.

Restricted items

How to store your bags on board

For your own safety and comfort, please stow your carry-on baggage under the seat or in the overhead compartments properly to avoid the following situations.
Also, we would appreciate your cooperation with offering consideration for the nearby passengers when stowing your bags.

Cause injury
Cause injury
Baggage may fly out of the hands in a sudden turbulence and cause injury.
Impede emergency escape
Impede emergency escape
Contents may spill out in front of emergency exits and into aisles, impeding emergency escape.
Hinder brace position
Hinder brace position
Baggage may prevent getting into proper brace position in an emergency.
  • *For emergency exit, bulkhead, and other seats without seats in front, baggage may not be placed on the floor or on the lap during takeoff and landing.
  • *Please stow your baggage by yourself under the seat in front or in the overhead compartment.
  • *Please carry on your baggage within the purview of stowable size and weight in the overhead compartment by yourself. (Carrying too large and heavy baggage onboard to stow by yourself have caused injuries and troubles between passengers.)

Request for a rapid evacuation

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