your everyday life

With miles, your everyday life can become a little more exciting.
The JAL Mileage Lifestyle is designed to bring you closer to
extraordinary experiences – not just air travel.

Introducing the new JAL Mileage Lifestyle

JAL is committed to providing premium services for our customers.

The new JAL Mileage Lifestyle is designed to make not only your travel experiences in the air but also your everyday situations more exciting.

If your everyday life is your time to prepare for your next trip, then your day-to-day activities are the ideal opportunity to earn miles.

Your earned miles can be redeemed for award tickets as well as priceless experiences and services that can be offered only by JAL.

Earn miles from everyday purchases, utility payments, home loans, and other daily situations - and then redeem those miles for special experiences.

Miles can transform your everyday activities into extraordinary experiences - not limited only to air travel.

JAL is here to support your fulfilling and exciting day-to-day life.

Your miles can transform
into special moments

The miles you earn in everyday situations can be redeemed for award tickets, in addition to special experiences and services that can be offered only by JAL.

Starts in January 2024

Introducing the JAL Life Status Program

Transform your everyday purchases into status points.



Introducing Life Status Points that can be earned in everyday situations


Life Status Points continue to accumulate over your lifetime


New lifetime membership statuses: Star Grades


A wide variety of quality benefits and services are offered.

  • 1
    Sakura Lounge access
  • 2
    Airport baggage delivery service
  • 3
    Taxi discounts
  • 4
    Special offers for hotel stays

Information for existing JAL Global Club members


More convenience with
the JAL Mileage Bank app
and JAL Pay

November 2023 release

  • Easy access and digital JMB membership card
  • Enhanced and more convenient JAL Pay function
  • Payments can be completed with one smartphone, whether in everyday situations or outside Japan


Earn and redeem miles according to your lifestyle, in a variety of situations.

  • CASE #Family

    Household item purchases and online shopping

    Transformed to lounge access & award tickets for a memorable trip of leisure

  • CASE #Seniors

    Utility payments and JAL's step counter app (JAL Wellness & Travel)

    Transformed to theater experiences and hotel dinners with friends

  • CASE #Students

    Going out with friends and purchasing textbooks and supplies

    Transformed to trips booked with fewer miles

  • CASE #Businesspersons

    Spending during business trips and at convenience stores

    Transformed to flights on weekends or during busy seasons - booked with miles

Become a JALCARD member and enrich your daily life
and lifestyle with miles