JALCARD Shopping Mileage

The more you charge, the more miles you accrue!

You can receive JMB mileage when you shop using your JALCARD. With the JALCARD Shopping Mileage program you automatically earn JMB miles when you use your JALCARD for your purchase.

  • Only individual card members are eligible to participate in JALCARD Shopping Mileage program.
  • For points/miles the family card members receive, only the primary member who applied for the program can receive miles.


With JALCARD "Premium" Shopping Mile Program you will receive 1 mile for every JPY 100 spent on purchases. Moreover, at JALCARD Shopping Mileage special contract stores ("JALCARD contract stores") you will receive 2 miles for the same JPY 100 spent on purchases.

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  JALCARD "Premium"
Shopping Mile Program
Shopping Mile Program
Annual Fee JPY 3,300
(tax included)
Yes*1 No*2
Shopping at
Participating Stores
100 JPY = 1 mile 200 JPY = 1 mile
Shopping at
JAL Contract Stores*3
100 JPY = 2 miles 200 JPY = 2 miles
  1. JALCARD Club-A Gold/JAL Diner's Club Card/Platinum members can automatically participate in the program. No pre-registration is required.
  2. When you decide not to participate in JALCARD "Premium" Shopping Mile Program, you automatically become a JALCARD Regular Shopping Mile Program member.
  3. JALCARD contract stores are expanding to 52,000 stores. JAL city ticket offices in various locations are just a few of many examples. For detailed information about JAL contract stores, please contact JALCARD INC..
  • JALCARD applicants must have a bank account in Japan.
  • Mileage accrual is made in increments of one (1) mile.
  • For students, "JALCARD navi" card is available. You will be awarded the shopping miles according to your shopping amount. In addition to the shopping miles, various bonus miles will be awarded. For further information, please contact JALCARD INC..


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