2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake Support Miles

The JAL Group extends its deepest condolences to those who have lost loved ones and offers its sincerest sympathy to all who have been affected by the earthquake that struck the Noto Peninsula in Japan on January 1, 2024.

To assist the effort for quick recovery, we ask for donations from JMB members to support the people impacted by the earthquake through Charity Miles.

Donation acceptance has closed.

 Thank you for your cooperation in mileage donation.

Announcement of final donated miles


(As of March 5, 2024)

Donation guidelines

Donation period

January 9 (Tuesday) 1:00 p.m. (Japan time) - February 29, 2024 (Thursday) 11:59 p.m. (Japan time)

Miles for donation

Donations will be accepted in units of 500 miles on the JAL website.

  • The JAL Group will donate the equivalent amount in cash (1 mile = JPY 1) to the Central Community Chest of Japan.

How to apply

if you wish to support this Charity with your JMB miles, please click the "Apply" button of your preferred units (miles).

  • Each "Apply" button is valid for once only. Even if you click the same "Apply" button multiple times, the application will be for one time only.
  • Please click the miles you with to donate from the apply button below. The total miles of the apply buttons clicked can be donated.
  • If you wish to apply for 13,000 miles or more, please call the JMB Center responsible for the region of your registered address.

If you are not logged in, the login screen will appear when you click the "Apply" button. Please log in to your account to apply.

Please check your mileage balance and apply within the miles available to you.

Please note that applications cannot be cancelled under any circumstances.

About deducting miles

Miles will be deducted within a week of the application date.

  • Members who have miles which are valid until the last day of January or February will be eligible for the deduction of miles, if they make their application by 11:59 p.m. (Japan time) on the last day of each respective month.
  • You can confirm your transaction from "Record Details" in Miles Details (balance inquiry) after miles are deducted. Please note that the
    transaction will be displayed as ”CHARITY MILES” in the Record Details.
  • If your mileage balance is less than the applied miles at the time of deducting miles, miles will be deducted in units of 500 miles with
    the miles balance as the upper limit.
    Example: If you applied for 3,000 miles but your miles balance is 2,800 miles at the time of deducting miles, 2,500 miles will be deducted.
  • If your miles balance is less than 500 miles at the time of deducting miles, your application will be cancelled.

Charity organization

Central Community Chest of Japan

Central Community Chest of Japan

Central Community Chest of Japan (CCCJ), also known as the Red Feather, acts as a national coordinating body for local Community Chests, provides grants for social welfare activities, and implements relief efforts for areas and people affected by natural disasters. 

In response to the 2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake, CCCJ is providing support to NPOs and volunteer groups in the affected areas in their activities to help the people impacted by the downpours.

  • This Charity Mile donation will not be eligible for tax relief for JMB members or JAL.