The JAL Group has been running the Tohoku Support Project "VISIT TOHOKU!" since June 2013, engaging in a wide variety of activities to contribute to the reconstruction of the Tohoku region through "local promotion" and "support offered to the disaster-affected inhabitants."
More than seven years after the Great East Japan Earthquake, the memory of the devastation caused by the earthquake-tsunami disaster is beginning to fade. At the same time, the Tohoku region is seeing a dramatic decrease in the number of volunteer workers and significant delays in reconstruction efforts. Based on this reality, there is a strong need to provide ongoing support for the long term. In response to this situation, the JAL Group launched the SKY BATON Project.

This year, our seventh SKY BATON initiative will continue to provide support to Chance for Children, a non-profit organization.
The Great East Japan Earthquake has had a serious impact on the financial situations of affected families, making it difficult for many children to attend cram schools and other lessons outside of their regular school classes. Losing out on opportunities to attend these out-of-school lessons, which play an important role in helping children pursue their aspirations for the future, can translate into lost dreams and ambitions. Chance for Children offers coupons for out-of-school education to children with strained family finances due to the 2011 earthquake-tsunami, providing an environment for these children to immerse themselves in their studies and sports activities as they work toward their dreams.
A total of 22,632,000 miles were donated by 5,008 JMB members* in the last six Charity Mile projects supporting Chance for Children. The cash equivalent of the donated miles combined with the same amount matched by JAL enabled support to 159 children* (79 elementary school students, 39 junior high school students, and 41 high school students) in the form of JAL/CFC coupons. (* Figures shown are cumulative totals.)  

The JAL Group will continue to offer support this year to these activities by encouraging JMB members to donate their miles and then matching the cash equivalent of donations made to Chance for Children.

Donation acceptance has closed.

 Thank you for your cooperation in mileage donation.

Announcement of final donated miles


(As of March 13, 2020)


Donation period

December 19, 2019 (Thursday) 15:00 (Japan time) - March 11, 2020 (Wednesday) 23:59 (Japan time)

Mileage for donation

Donations will be accepted in units of 3,000 miles on the JAL website.

  • The JAL Group will match the cash equivalent of the donated miles (1 mile = 1 Japanese Yen), and then donate the combined sum in cash to "Chance for Children".

Charity organization

Chance for Children (non-profit organization)

If you wish to support this Charity with your JMB miles, please click the "Apply" button of your preferred units (mileage). 

Mileage will be deducted within a week of the application date.

Chance for Children (non-profit organization)

Chance for Children is an organization that began as part of Brain Humanity, a non-profit organization that was established to support children affected by the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. After first offering vouchers for out-of-school education to children with limited financial resources in the Kansai region, Chance for Children became an independent organization following the Great East Japan Earthquake, implementing this assistance initiative for the affected children in an effort to help change the lives of children and rebuild the areas affected by the earthquake-tsunami disaster.

  • This Charity Mile donation will not be eligible for tax relief for JMB members or JAL.