List of hotel partners and miles earned

Eligible Rates

  • Mileage will be credited only when hotel room charges are paid directly to the hotel.
  • Group rates are not eligible for mileage credit. Discounted rates (including the use of discount coupons) may not be eligible at certain hotels.
    Mileage cannot be credited in conjunction with other awards (such as loyalty programs offered by some hotels). For details, please check with the individual hotel.
  • Please inquire about eligible rates when making your reservation.

How to Accumulate Hotel Mileage


At the time of hotel check-in

Please present your JMB card or JALCARD and mention that you wish to receive mileage credit on your JMB account.

  • When checking into the following hotels, please show:
  • Marriott Bonvoy membership number or membership card when you stay with Marriott International
  • World of Hyatt membership number or membership card when you stay with Hyatt Hotels and Resorts
  • IHG Rewards Club membership card when you stay with InterContinetal Hotels Group


At the time of hotel check-out

Please make sure you receive a hotel receipt made out in your name. Please retain your receipt until your hotel mileage has been credited to your account.


Mileage accumulated from hotel stays will be reflected in your account within 2-3 months

  • To accumulate miles at the following hotels, you must join each hotel's loyalty program in advance and have JMB selected as your preferred earning alliance.
    Marriott International → Marriott Bonvoy
    InterContinental Hotels Group → IHG Rewards Club
    Hyatt Hotels and Resorts → World of Hyatt
  • Even if you mentioned your JMB membership number at the time of making your reservation, you must advise the hotel when you check-in that you wish to accumulate mileage credit. Failure to do so will result in uncredited mileage.
  • If you check out and check in again at the same hotel within a 24-hour period, it will be considered as one stay.
  • If two or more JMB members share a room, only the member whose name appears on the hotel receipt will receive mileage credit.
  • Reserving multiple rooms in the same member's name will result in the crediting of mileage for one stay.
  • Except for some hotels mentioned below, requests for post-stay hotel mile credit are not accepted.