To passengers carrying pets as checked baggage

What you should know before travel

When checking in your pet, there are a few points to note regarding these important members of your family. JAL exercises the utmost care in the handling of your cherished pets. However, pet cargo area environments are different from other traveling environments and unforeseen events may occur. Before beginning travel with your pet, please review the following.

Your pet's health

Such factors as stress from being apart from you and changes in temperature could affect your pet's physical and mental well-being. We therefore recommend consulting with a veterinarian in advance of your flight if any of the following applies.

  • Your pet has a respiratory condition
  • Your pet is not able to regulate its body temperature well
  • Your pet has lost its appetite or had diarrhea when on previous flights
  • Your pet has a condition that makes it physiologically ill-suited to air travel
  • Your pet tends to feel great stress when in dark places

Pet cargo area environment on aircraft

Temperature and humidity

Pets are held in shaded, air-conditioned areas until flights depart. However, the outside air make cause temperatures in these areas to be higher than normal. This includes when aircraft are parked on the apron for loading or unloading.

Inside the aircraft

During a flight, pet cargo areas go dark as all lighting is turned off. Please also note that the air pressure in these areas is set to 0.8 bar (roughly the pressure felt at the peak of a 2000 m mountain). The resulting pressure change may cause "airplane ear" or other adverse reactions in your pet when ascending and descending due to pressure changes.

Sounds and noises

In addition to sounds of mechanical operation during flight and ground vehicle noises during takeoff and landing, your pets will hear wind noise (louder than is heard on the ground) as you hear it in the cabin.

Things to be aware of in summer and winter

Summer (mid-July through mid-September)

Because it is hot and humid in the pet cargo area, make sure to give your pet plenty of water before checking him in — especially if he is a small dog incapable of efficiently dispersing his body heat. Please take particular note of shipping dates and times with respect to puppies and elderly dogs that are susceptible to heat, as well as to short-nosed breeds.


Temperatures can drop below 0ーC so please exercise due care with animals susceptible to cold.



Leave a water bottle in the pet carrier (only bottles that will not become damaged or leak).
This will help your pet to regulate its body temperature.

Stress relief

Leave your pet with a towel or other object they often use.
The smells that remain on the object will have a calming effect.
Please note that JAL staff reserve the right to refuse an object as unsuitable if, for example, there is the risk of the animal becoming entangled.

When checking in your pet

Please check your pet in at least 120 minutes prior to departure time.
If you check your pet in just before a flight departs, the sudden change of temperature may cause your pet stress.