Requests when Booking JAL Group Flights - International Flights

We would appreciate your understanding and cooperation when making reservations to enable as many customers as possible to effectively use our seats.

Unused Reservations

Please do not make reservations that are not intended for actual boarding.

JAL Group reserves the right to cancel a customer‘s reservation, wholly or partially in case a reservation is suspected to be unusual, and cannot be possibly ticketed/used, or in the following situations.

Duplicate reservations

Japan Airlines may cancel any of bookings without notification if customers have several bookings which cannot be actually used in terms of the itinerary (*)

  • Please refer to the Conditions of Carriage Article 8 (E) 'Cancellation of Reservations made by JAL' for further details.

Making reservations under a fictional or fabricated name

Please book under the name of the customer who will actually board the flight. We may cancel a booking without notification if we see the name is not an actual name of passenger.

When you do not board a booked flight

If you wish to change or cancel a flight, please do so by the departure time of the flight. If you do not board a booked flight without changing or cancelling the flight in advance, we reserve the right to cancel any onward reservations in your itinerary.

Request regarding changes when your plans change

Please make sure that your reservation and tickets match the actual journey you intend to undertake.

After purchasing a ticket, if your plans change and you decide to change your flight date or no longer intend to use flights in a part of your itinerary, we may require one of the following:

  • Have your ticket reissued to collect any resulting fare difference.
  • Buy a completely new ticket.

After purchase, please recheck your e-ticket passenger copy. If your intended itinerary differs from that shown on your ticket, please have your ticket changes or purchase a new ticket.

Precautions when Making Reservations

Changing the name of a passenger with a reservation

You may not change the name of a passenger with a reservation to another person's name. It is also forbidden to transfer tickets to others. Furthermore, when refunding a ticket after purchase, cancellation or refund charges will be collected.

Contact information

When making reservations, please provide phone numbers where you can be contacted during the day and at your destination (s). Registration of email addresses is necessary when making reservations on JAL website. Email addresses may be registered or modified from "Manage booking" page on JAL website. JAL may inform you to registered contacts by phone, e-mail or SMS regarding the details of bookings or flight status. It is possible that other airlines contact directly to passengers when the itinerary includes segments other than JAL. 

Declaration of passenger's information

Passport information may be required in advance depending on routes ( or operating carriers you selected.

Please register via JAL website or each carrier if needed.

Ticketing time limits

Please purchase a ticket by the time limit specified when making a reservation.


Waiting for a cancellation If you wish to wait for a cancellation, please request only the required flight.

Required minimum connecting times

We do not accept reservations for itineraries that do not satisfy minimum connecting times of each airline.

Searching seat availability and Reservation order

Seats are sold based on the entire journey from the point of departure to the final destination as a single combination.

Therefore, seat availability is dependent on the point of departure and final destination or combination of flights.

Please always input point of departure and final destination when you search seat availability.

Also, we make reservations in order from the earliest flight on the itinerary.

When searching for seat availability, please look for the earliest flight on your itinerary.

Changing part of the reservation

Since flight reservations are treated based on single combination from the point of departure to the final destination, seat availability varies depending on the itinerary and the combination of flights booked.

Therefore, even if you cancel, change, or add a flight to your itinerary, you must check the availability of seats at the departure and final destinations of your itinerary again and make a new reservation.

In addition, changes cannot be made using the original reservation if the new itinerary is full at the time of the availability inquiry, even if it includes the same flight as before the change.

Original reservation

Osaka - Tokyo


Tokyo - Los Angeles


Los Angeles - Las Vegas


Black : Flight included in the original reservation. The new itinerary can be rebooked if there are seat available.

Red : A new booking after change of original reservation.

Please scroll horizontally.

Change departure city

 or country


Tokyo - Los Angeles


Los Angeles - Las Vegas


Seoul - Tokyo


Change destination

Osaka - Tokyo


Tokyo - Los Angeles


Change to direct flight

Osaka - Los Angeles


Los Angeles - Las Vegas


Change flight time

Osaka - Tokyo


Tokyo - Los Angeles


Los Angeles - Las Vegas