Ticket Service Fee for International Ticket

At Japan Airlines, Ticket Service Fee will apply in case of new ticket issuance and change of ticket.
For changes after the ticket purchase, Ticket Service Fee applies whether or not there are differences in amount of fare, tax, charges, or route change.

Ticket service fee

  • Award ticket transactions cannot be performed at JAL city/airport counters.
Place of Ticket Purchase Amount (Common for new ticket issue and ticket change)
JAL Website Not applicable
JAL Reservation Center
JAL City /Airport Counter
JPY 5,500 (including Japan consumption tax)
  1. There are some JAL airport counters, where other carriers handle ticketing on behalf of JAL. In those cases, the application of fees is determined based on their policy.

Applicable tickets

  • JAL International Revenue Tickets
  • JAL International Award Tickets
  • JMB Partner Airlines Award Tickets
  • oneworld Award Tickets
  • Jetstar Japan Award Tickets


Common for new ticket issue and ticket change

  • Tickets for infants not occupying a seat
  • Payment by JAL Ryoko-ken



Common for new ticket issue and ticket change

  • Ticket Service Fee applies per ticket.
  • When separate tickets are purchased (*) or changed at the same time as a series of journey, it is counted as one set and one Ticket Service Fee applies in total.
    (*) When a purchased international ticket and an international award ticket are issued at the same time, the Ticket Service Fee applies to the purchased international ticket only.
  • No child discount applies.


  • Ticket Service Fee is not refundable.