Authentication by Security Code

What is Authentication by Security Code?

Authentication by Security Code provides an added sense of security when using your credit card to purchase tickets through our website. This security code authentication minimizes the possibility of credit card fraud by requiring you to verify the security code printed on the front or the back side of your card.

Example of Security Code

Security codes are 3 or 4-digit numbers printed on the front or the back side of the credit card. They are different from your credit card number and will not appear anywhere other than on the credit card.

Visa, MasterCard, JCB, DinersClub

The last 3-digit numbers printed on the signature block on the back side of the credit card.


The 4-digit numbers on the front of the credit card just above the left or the right side of the account number.

  • Some credit card issuers do not provide any security codes on their credit cards.
  • Please be advised the security code is different from the pin number or the password you use with your credit card.