Added Security for Credit Card Purchase: Authentication Service

About Authentication Service

When you purchase an international ticket with your credit card through our website, your purchase will be authenticated using your pre-registered password or a one-time password issued via a mobile app or by SMS to protect your credit card against online fraud and identity theft. This is an authentication service that is being introduced by each card issuer and requires registration in advance.

Visa Secure, Mastercard ID Check™, J/Secure (TM), American Express SafeKey®, ProtectBuy®

Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express and Diners Club provide their own authentication services to their card holders. In order to apply these security measures for your purchase on our website, please enter your password or one-time password.

Who is eligible for these services?

Anyone who holds an applicable credit card and has registered for authentication service with a password.

  • Your password will be sent directly to you from the credit card issuer, not through our website.
  • Only Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express and Diners Club brand credit cards can be used.
  • Authentication services may NOT be available for some credit cards. Please contact your credit card issuer directly for details. (Please be advised that authentication services may not be available at certain times of the day due to system maintenance. Please check with your card issuer’s customer service center or website for details.)
  • Authentication service is also available for JAL VISA CARD, JAL MasterCard, JAL JCB CARD, JAL American Express, JAL Diners Club, JALCARD Suica, JALCARD TOKYU POINT ClubQ, and JALCARD OP Credit.
  • Some cards may or may not be accepted depending on your region. For more details, please refer to the website for the applicable region.

Please refer to the following for detailed information from credit card issuing companies who offer authentication services.