Automatic Check-in

What is Automatic Check-in?

This service automatically checks you in 24 hours prior to scheduled departure time when you enter your passport number and other required information after purchasing your ticket. You will receive your boarding pass via a Online Check-in notification e-mail.

  • You must meet the requirements for Online Check-in to be checked in automatically.
  • If you have not yet selected a seat, the system will automatically select one for you.
  • An e-mail will be sent 24 hours prior to your flight's departure. Please check this e-mail to confirm that your Online Check-in was successful.

Eligibility Conditions

Available times

Before travel commencement

After ticket purchase until 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of the first flight

After travel commencement

24 hours after the departure time of the previous flight until 24 hours prior to the departure time of the next flight

Eligible Passengers

Passengers for using international tickets

Ineligible Passengers

  • Bookings made outside JAL (such as travel agency, other airlines)
  • Package / tour ticket
  • Passenger with several different flights from the same airport on the same day in the same booking.
  • Passenger requiring special assistance at boarding.*1
  • If there is another passengers with the same first and last names in the same booking.
  • If the flight information in the booking has been updated due to reservation change, but the flight information in the ticket has not yet been updated accordingly.
  • Passenger traveling to the U.S. and holding a valid and unexpired U.S. visa.
  • If the first itinerary section is Japan Transocean Air.
  1. Passenger traveling with an infant (under 2 years old) may select seats on Online Check-in, but is required to collect the boarding passes at the check-in counter.

Eligible Routes

All JAL Group routes

  • Charter flights and codeshare flights operated by other airlines are excluded.

Passengers who have a connecting flight on same day

  • For the international ticket that includes Japan domestic sector (JAL flight number operated by JAL group only), Online Check-in is possible.
  • If you are connecting at a different airport, please pick up your baggage and check it in again for the connecting flight.


About e-mail destination

"Notice of Online Check-in Result" will be sent to the e-mail address registered at the time of booking or Auto Check-in procedures.

  • If you have already registered "email address 1" and "email address 2" in JMB member information, "Notice of Online Check-in Result" will be sent to your "email address 2".
  • If you added or changed the e-mail address of the Reserved Flight E-mail / Flight Information E-mail from "Related Services" on the reservation details page, "Notice of Online Check-in" will be sent to the last added or changed e-mail address.

How to use Automatic Check-in


Start Automatic Check-in

JAL website

Please click or tap on the link below to confirm your reservation.

JAL app

Please tap "Apply Automatic Check-in" on the top of screen in JAL app.



Display the booking details.
By selecting the "Automatic Check-in" button, you will proceed to "Automatic Check-in" screen.
Click or tap the "Register" button after entering the necessary information.
(Once the "Register" button is pressed, it will return to the booking details screen.)


Check-in completed

Home Print Boarding Pass and Mobile Boarding Pass (applicable to some routes) will be sent to you as attachment from 24 hours prior to flight departure. Please use it for boarding.

  • Document without 2D barcodes cannot be used for boarding.