Online eTicket Check-in

Rail&Fly passengers can also access their Rail&Fly ticket online.
When issuing an online ticket on the Check-in website, you can choose to pick up your ticket on your smartphone / tablet in addition to the ticket printing.
Please mind, that a cancellation of the Rail&Fly route(s) after the check-in is not possible.
Also make sure to have a printer available when accessing the Rail&Fly ticket.

Online eTicket Check-in

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Getting Started

Open the URL

and choose your prefered language.


Enter your first- and last name and either

Then click onto "continue" button.

Additional Passengers

If required, add the first and last name of further passengers you also want to check-in for.
This is only applicable if these people are booked within the same PNR Locator (reservation number).
If you selected a person by error who should be checked-in later, you can remove this person from the list by clicking onto the red circle on the right.

Repeat this step until all the passengers are listed.
If a requested passenger will not be shown, please compare your input with the passenger name shown on the flight booking.
To continue press "continue".

Choose Travel Segment

Choose the travel section, for which you would like to check-in.
If the check-in is not possible yet, you will see a red note.
After choosing, click on "continue".

Check-in Confirmation

You check-in is now being confirmed.
To open the ticket in a separate window, please click "click here".

Reprint Your Ticket

  • The images may differ from actual appearances.


Did you lose your ticket or did the print not work?

No problem! Open the website again,

log in with your first name, last name and PNR Locator or E-ticket number.

Additional Passengers

If required, enter the names of additional passengers. Then click "continue".

Sending Confirmation

The status of your segment is shown as "already checked in". Choose if you either want to download the documents, or if you want to get them by email.

E-Mail Confirmation with Download Links

When the documents are sent out, you get a confirmation with your email address.
Open the confirmation email and follow the link "click here" to get to your tickets.