The Submission of "Declaration of Personal effects and Unaccompanied articles" card for Customs declaration and Electronic Customs Declaration Gates (e-Gates) on the entry of Japan

Japan Customs requires all people entering Japan to present a "Declaration of Accompanied Articles and Unaccompanied articles" card to the customs inspector upon their arrival in order to prevent terrorism and smuggling, and to ensure prompt and proper customs clearance.

In addition, Japan Customs recommends submitting declarations electronically via the Customs Declaration App, etc.

By downloading the Customs Declaration App or accessing to the website from the 2D barcode bellow, you will be able to create a 2D barcode containing the information on your Customs Declaration Form with which you will be able to use the Electronic Customs Declaration Gates (e-Gates) at an applicable airport.

Download the App and Access to the Website

Download the App



Access to the Website

You may also use & present A4 sized declaration form downloaded from below URL on the inspection of Japan Customs.

For details, please refer to the Japanese Customs Website.

Furthermore, when passing through customs at the airport, passengers can now use  mobile payment apps and credit cards to pay any customs duties, consumption taxes, etc. on their personal belongings, etc.

For details, please refer to the Japanese Customs Website.

April 7, 2022
Japan Airlines