Fares linked to estimated number of available seats

Fare amounts for a given fare will vary based on the estimated number of available seats at the time of booking and the number of passengers included in the booking. The “estimated number of available seats” is a projection as of the time of booking of how full a given flight and class will end up being. (It is different from the number of empty seats available at the time of booking.)

Eligible fares

Flex, Saver, Special Saver, Round Trip Saver, JAL CARD Flex

Fare chart


  • Seats may become available in a lower price range after you have purchased your ticket due to changes in the estimated number of seats available.
  • The fare amount at the time of purchase will be applied. If the fare amount changes after purchase, the resulting difference will not be charged or refunded.
    (However, fare amount differences that result from reservation change must be charged or refunded)
  • The seat availability results page shows the lowest bookable fare based on your search criteria (number of passengers, class, etc.), therefore, the fare amount shown may differ depending on the timing of your search and the criteria you specify.
    (If there is only 1 seat available at the lowest fare, the results shown when searching for 1 passenger will differ from those shown when searching for 2 passengers)