COVID-19: Travel Information

Information on Flights and Immigration

Entry Restrictions, Quarantine, Disinfectant

For information on other travel measures in response to COVID-19.

Flight information

For information on the latest flight schedule.

JAL FlySafe Hygiene Measures

The JAL Group is working to deliver a hygienic and clean environment for safety and peace of mind of our customers. Each country's entry restrictions are different, so please check the entry requirements before you travel.

Hand sanitizing stations set up

Hand sanitizers are available at check-in counters, self check-in machines, security gates, boarding gates, lounges, onboard and baggage claim areas.

Cleaning with disinfectant wipes

We regularly disinfect and cleaning items in the airports, lounges, and lavatories in the aircrafts during your flights.

Air Circulation

Cabin air is constantly being refreshed every two to three minutes, intaking air through the engines of an aircraft, and replacing the air inside the cabin.

Policy Regarding Face Masks

JAL’s New Policy regarding Facemasks effective from March 13, 2023

The Novel COVID-19 Response Headquarters of Government of Japan decided to adopt a new policy of leaving the wearing of facemasks up to an individual decision effective from March 13, 2023.

Until now, we have been asking passengers to wear facemasks in accordance with the guidelines for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 in the aviation sector, however, according to the new governmental policy, JAL has also decided to leave the wearing of facemasks by passengers as well as those airline staff either in the aircraft or airports, up to an individual judgement.

We ask for your understanding and cooperation to respect each individual’s judgement whether or not to wear facemasks. We will continue to make efforts to ensure that our customers can fly with peace of mind. Thank you.

In addition, facemasks will continue to be required to be worn at airports and on board certain international flights.

For details, we are recommended to check each airport information page by yourself and related organizations, such as government office abroad, the operating airline.