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Reconstruction depends on young power!

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to JAL for planning "Let's Encourage Tohoku with Mileage Donation Project" and to all the JMB members who donated their treasured mileage to this project.
The Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11 brought massive scale damage to our home town in Miyagi Prefecture. Our home town, Ishinomaki City being a port town flourishing with fishery and fishery-related industries, many people died, and I have also witnessed unbelievably terrifying scenes. All lifelines were cut off, and we had experienced very difficult living conditions, however, living "today" was all that we could think of, along with thanking the Japan Self-Defense Forces and the people from all over the country for the aid deliveries and support.
In such circumstances, I happened to find the article on this "Let's Encourage Tohoku with Mileage Donation Project".
After losing my job, having to restore my house, etc., etc., I hated myself always thinking negatively, so I decided to apply to this project to step forward, to get out of this negative cycle.
One day, when I almost forgot I even applied to this project, I received a letter stating that I had won 100,000 miles. I remember that suddenly the entire view in front of me became brighter and clear. I immediately told my child who gave up studying abroad because of the earthquake about this happy news, and we decided on going to Europe. Thanks to the assistance of JMB staffs and our travel coordinator, we all enjoyed a fabulous trip.
My child said, "I'm going to study history and language and much more to work for the restoration and reconstruction!"
What people gained from this experience of the earthquake may differ according to their age, however, I'm sure that Ishinomaki City 10 years later, and 20 years later will be a wonderful and beautiful city, reconstructed by the younger generation.
I was really happy to participate in this project. Thank you very much.

From E.S
(Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture/Age:50's,Gender:Female)

Vacation in Guam

Thank you very much for the 100,000 mile donations to my family from JMB members.
At first, my children and I talked about visiting Australia during the summer holidays, but under consideration of the flight time and our budget, we decided to set our destination to Guam which is closer in distance and probably cost saving. At first, I didn't think about travelling using mileage, however, by the suggestion from my husband, we decided to use mileage for this trip. In Guam, I was able to spend a relaxing time with my children for the first time in years, away from the hectic daily life in Japan. Watching my children excitedly playing in the swimming pool, listening to their innocent laughter, the children seemed so happy. I was truly glad that we came to Guam. This has all been possible under the kindness of JMB members. I thank you again from the bottom of my heart.
Two and half years have already passed from the Great East Japan Earthquake, but we still feel anxious and uneasy because of the unclear future vision. But what I can do now is "just keep moving forward step by step".

From Yacchaman
(Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture/Age:30's/Gender:Female)

Family trip realized after several years

I deeply appreciate mileage gift donated by many JMB members with their warmest hearts.
2 years have passed since witnessing the horrible hell-like scenery of the Great East Japan Earthquake. My mother (almost 80 years old), my nephew, and I along with our dog (a JAL Pet Club member) left for a family trip for the first time in several years from the restored Sendai Airport on a flight to Naha Airport (Okinawa) via Fukuoka.
Our first day in Okinawa started upon our arrival in Naha Airport just before noon. We drove up Route 58 by rent-a-car. My mother and nephew who had only seen the black and rocky beach of Miyagi Prefecture until then were impressed and excited when they saw the white sand beach and beautiful clear blue ocean. They couldn't take their hands off their cameras, and continued to take many pictures for a while. We made it just before the close of lunch at the restaurant "Hanahana" in Hotel Nikko Alivila, a dream-like western resort hotel. After we enjoyed many kinds of Okinawan dishes and the beautiful ocean view, we took a nice walk along Nirai Beach, and finally headed for the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, the place we longed to visit.
On the second day, after we stuffed ourselves with a huge lunch at "Surfside Café" in JAL Private Resort Okuma in Yanbaru, my nephew, our dog and I enjoyed experiencing our very first canoe trial in the vast ocean.
We returned home safely from our family trip which was rather short, however an unforgettable trip full of exciting and happy memories packed with joy of the ocean and the local dishes of Okinawa.
We all would like to extend our gratitude for the great experience you have made possible, and also hope continue to travel on JAL in the future.

From Altom
(Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture/Age:40's/Gender:Female)

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