JAL DOCTOR Registration System Doctors who registered for JAL DOCTOR Registration System before their flights will be asked to provide first aid to passengers who become sick during a flight.

What is JAL DOCTOR Registration System?

Doctors who have Medical Doctor Qualification Certificate can register for this system on a voluntary basis.
Doctors who registered for this system will directly be asked by our flight attendants to provide medical aid to passengers who become sick or get injured when flying on JAL Group airline flights. JAL is the first domestic airline company to introduce this system.
Doctor information will be recorded at the time of registration. Doctors will make JAL Group flight reservations with their JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) membership number. With this system, our flight attendants will be able to immediately ask the doctors to provide first aid when emergency medical treatment is necessary.

  • *Doctors can refuse to provide first aid. Please let the flight attendants know if you are difficult to do so due to alcohol, poor health, etc.
  • Doctors register for this system before their flight.

  • Passengers become sick or get injured during a flight.

  • The registered doctors are directly asked by our flight attendants to provide first aid.

  • The registered doctors provide first aid to the sick/injured passengers.

Who can register for JAL DOCTOR Registration System

JMB members who are doctors with Medical Doctor Qualification Certificate.

If you are not a JMB member, please register for this system after enrollment.

Enrollment in JAL Mileage Bank

If you do not have Medical Doctor Qualification Certificate yet, please make application for the certificate before registration.

Application for Medical Doctor Qualification Certificate
(Go to Japan Medical Association Certificate Authority's website / Available in Japanese only)

Eligible flights

JAL Group flights

  • *Codeshare flights operated by other airlines are not eligible.

Eligible fare

All fares

<Important> After registration for JAL DOCTOR Registration system, please give your JMB membership number when making a reservation for the eligible flights. If your JMB membership number is not given and your reservation is made/changed on/after the day prior to flight departure, your doctor information may not be shared with our flight attendants. In this case, our flight attendants may call for medical assistance first before asking you for assistance. If possible, please contact our flight attendants and give your seat number at the time of boarding.

How to register for JAL DOCTOR Registration System

STEP1Register your email address

Please register your PC email address on JAL Mileage Bank. A confirmation email will be sent upon completion of the registration.
If you have already registered your email address, please go to STEP 2.

Register, see or change your email address

  • *A valid e-mail address must be registered to complete the registration for "JAL DOCTOR Registration System".

STEP2Enter information about yourself

Click the button below and enter required information in the form on the registration page.
To register, please enter your JMA Membership ID Number and Medical License Number shown on your Medical Doctor Qualification Certificate.

Register for JAL DOCTOR Registration System (Available in Japanese only)

  • *If you registered more than once, the most recent information will be registered.

STEP3Completion of registration

After about a month from your request for registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail when your registration is successfully completed.
If you set to accept email from specified domains only, please set to accept emails from "@jmb.jal.com".


About your registered information

Your registered information will be used for the purpose of JAL DOCTOR Registration System to provide medical aid.

Liability and insurance

In case that you are liable for civil damages arising from providing medical aid to passengers during a flight, you will be covered by our liability insurance except in the case of willful misconduct or gross negligence. If you have liability insurance applicable to this case, our insurance will apply to the portion not covered by your insurance.

On-board emergency aid system

You can use this system to get proper medical advice in real time from Japanese emergency physicians working at medical call centers (24 hours a day) during a flight.

In-flight medical device

Since we first introduced on-board medical kits in 1993, we have been expanding the range of drugs and medical devices so that we can provide better medical treatment to sick passengers during a flight. For more details, please visit here.

If you want to unregister from JAL DOCTOR Registration System

Please contact JMB Center of your country/region of residence.

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