Entering to Japan, the duty-free allowances will be made for certain other articles within the limits as specified below.

Alcoholic Beverages (Must be age 20 or older)

3 bottles (A bottle contains approximately 760 cc.)

Tobacco Products (Must be age 20 or older)

For visitors:
Cigars: 100 cigars
Cigarettes: 400 cigarettes
Other kinds of tobacco: 500 grams
*If there is more than one kind, the total allowance will be 500 grams.

For residents
Cigars: 50 cigars
Cigarettes: 200 cigarettes
Other kinds of tobacco: 250 grams
*If there is more than one kind, the total allowance will be 250 grams.


2 ounces


The total overseas market value of all the articles other than the above items must be under 200,000 YEN. Any item the total overseas market value does not exceed 10,000 YEN is always free of duties and/or taxes and is not counted in the calculation of the total overseas market value of 200,000YEN. There is no duty-free allowance for articles or sets of articles that have a market value of more than 200,000 YEN each or per set.


There is no limit on the total amount of means of payment that may be brought into or taken out of Japan. However, if you transport means of payment exceeding JP¥1,000,000 or its equivalent or precious metal (more than 90% purity's gold only) exceeding 1Kg of total weight, you're required to report this to the Customs. Means of payment include Japanese or foreign currency, checks (including traveler's checks) promissory notes, and securities.


The following articles are prohibited from entry by law:

Opium, ether narcotic drugs and utensils for opium smoking, and stimulants (including Vicks Inhalers and Sudafed), psychotropic substances (excluding those designated by an ordinance of the Ministry of Health and Welfare)

Counterfeit, altered, or imitated articles of coins, paper money, banknotes, or securities

Books, drawings, carvings, and any other article which injures public security or morals (obscene or immoral materials, i. e. pornography)

Articles which infringe upon rights in patents, utility-models, designs, trademarks, copyright, neighboring rights, or layout- design of integrated circuits

Firearms (pistols, rifles, machine guns, etc.), ammunition (bullets) thereof, and parts of firearms.


When you purchase articles at specified "tax free" shops, consumption tax on those articles say be exempted on the condition that they will be taken out of Japan.
When you purchase tax free articles, you will be required to present your passport at the shop and receive a card entitled "Record of Purchase of Consumption-Tax-Exempt for Export," which will be attached to your passport.
Articles purchased tax free will be checked with the card by a customs officer, who will collect the card at the time of your departure from Japan.