For a Pleasant Flight

After Landing

  • If you still feel unwell after landing, or if you become ill at your destination, consult a doctor immediately.
  • Check with your doctor to see if it is OK for you to travel by air.
  • Read information on your destinations, available through the JAL Travel Information sites. (Japanese only)

Best Ways to Avoid Jet Lag

What is jet lag?

  • Jet lag can easily occur when you fly to a time zone that is different from the one you are accustomed to by five hours or more.
  • The symptoms of jet lag include difficulties in sleeping, sleepiness during the day, tiredness, and grogginess.
  • The effects of jet lag are stronger when flying east than west.
    Using JAL's World Clock you can check the local time at major cities worldwide.

Good Use of Time

  • When the length of stay is two to three days
    • Be sure to get enough rest and sleep before your departure.
    • It may be easier to sleep according to your home time, rather than trying to adjust to the local time at your destination.
  • When the stay is longer
    • Be sure to get enough rest and sleep before your departure.
    • When traveling east (i.e., from Japan to North America) try going to bed and getting up progressively earlier several days before your departure. When traveling west (i.e., Japan to Europe) do the opposite and go to bed later and get up later.
    • When onboard, set your watch to the destination time. Try to fall asleep as soon as possible when traveling east.
    • After your arrival, try to keep your schedule on local time.
    • Take advantage of bright sunlight to help your body's internal clock reset to the local time.
      For example, if you are traveling from Japan to the west coast of North America, spend the first day sunbathing by the seaside or the pool, walking, shopping, or being active (fast walking, swimming, tennis, golf, etc.) starting around noon local time (early morning in Japan).

Sleeping Medication

For severe insomnia, take sleeping medication under the guidance of your doctor. However, do not mix sleeping medication with alcohol.