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July 24, 2021 10:00JST

The following airports may experience flight delay, cancellation, or diversions due to bad weather on July 24.

Hokkaido No applicable airport
Tohoku / Hokuriku No applicable airport
Kanto / Tokai / Kinki No applicable airport
Chugoku / Shikoku No applicable airport
Kyushu / Okinawa Kagoshima( strong winds ), Tanegashima, Yakushima( strong winds, poor visibility )
*Please check the following Important Notices about Typhoon In-fa.

Please use the above departure/arrival search function to view the latest flight information before departure.

The next update is scheduled at 13:00 (subject to change).

Important Notices (July 24, 2021 10:00JST)

Information about Typhoon In-fa

[ July 24 ]
Some flights cancelled : Kikaijima, Amamioshima, Okinoerabu, Yoron, Minamidaito, Okinawa Naha, Miyako, Ishigaki
All day flights cancelled : Tokunoshima, Kumejima, Tarama, Yonaguni
Kitadaito Airport is expected to be affected as the situation changes.

We recommend you check the latest typhoon information.

Decision on flight operations is going to be made depending on the latest weather information.
Flight operation information will be reflected to flight arrival and departure information search as soon as decided.
We recommend checking the latest flight status of your flight from flight arrival and departure information search above.

You may proceed ticket refund through JAL Website.
In case you are unable to proceed, you can submit your request for ticket refund through the followong link for this online form.
Refund Form for Domestic Tickets

Please check the following link about Special Ticket Handling caused by Typhoon In-fa.

What to do when your flight is delayed or canceled

Typhoon Information

The latest flight operation information of your flight is notified by email.
Please check the following link for detail.
E-mail notification(domestic flight)

Information about the impact of COVID-19
Please check the following link for detail.

Flight suspension, reduction of flight frequency and schedule change

Special handling for JAL domestic tickets following the situation of COVID-19

  • *Lastest JAL flight status is predicted according to the weather conditions and other relevant data. Delay, cancellation and other operation status may vary from aircrafts.
  • *Flight delay or cancellation due to aircraft maintenance reason and information about the codeshare flight operated by other airlines are not included.

What to do when your flight is delayed or canceled

STEP1Check the operation status of your flight

Please search the operation status of your flight. If it corresponds to any of the following, you can request to change your flight or refund your ticket.

  • Your departure or arrival airport is shown in Airports with Special Ticket Handling.
  • An asterisk (*) or attention (!) mark is shown for your flight in Arrivals & Departures or Flight Delay/Cancellation Information.

We will not charge any handling fees for the changes or refunds resulting from the anticipated effects on operations caused by bad weather (typhoon, etc) or natural disasters.

STEP2Check the type of your ticket

Domestic flight tickets

Please see the details and procedures below.

Reservation change and refund due to flight disruption

Tickets redeemed (paid) with JMB miles

Please see the details and procedures below.

Tickets purchased through a tour operator or travel agent (not JAL website) If you purchased the tickets through a tour operator, travel agent or on another travel site, please contact them directly.

If you want to change to other alternative JAL flight departing within 3 days (including the rebooking date), you may refer to the following rebooking procedures on JAL website.

Select the "Rebook" button below to proceed to the domestic flight reservation page, specify "One-Way Fare" in "Fare option" and rebook an alternative flight of the same flight sector and class of service as your original ticket. Take note of the Flight Number and the 6-digit Reservation Number displayed on the Booking Completed page (Please do not purchase the ticket). Call us or approach to the airport counter on the departure day for further procedures.

open in new windowRebook

If your domestic flight sectors are part of an international flight ticket, or you are holding a Japan Explorer Pass ticket or oneworld Visit Japan ticket, please contact us for reservation change or refund.

Contact JAL in Japan (International Reservation and Information)

Contact JAL outside Japan

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