One-Time Passwords (March 7, 2024 and later)


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One-time Password

Some processes, such as viewing and changing your JMB membership information and redeeming your miles for certain awards, will require you to enter a One-time Password.

This One-time Password will be sent to the registered mobile phone number or email address set as your notification destination.

  • If you are not receiving the One-time Password, please review the information provided toward the bottom of this page.

[For members living in Japan only]
How to register a mobile phone number for SMS (Short Message Service)

  • SMS (Short Message Service): A service that sends and receives short messages using mobile phone numbers
  • You can use JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) more safely by setting up SMS authentication. Members who have already registered their email address are also recommended to register their mobile phone number for SMS again.

4 easy steps to register

  • Please make sure you have your mobile phone ready before registering.


After logging in, click or tap "My account" from the JAL Mileage Bank top page and select "Change One-time Password notification destination".


Enter your mobile phone number for receiving SMS messages under "Changing your registered mobile phone number".


Authenticate your mobile number using the verification code sent to your mobile phone.


Set the notification destination to "Mobile Phone (SMS)".

How to View or Change Your Email Address

For members living in Japan

Log in from the Mileage Top page, then click "Register/Change email address" under "Manage your account."

  • Available on PC only.

For members living outside of Japan

Select your country/region, log in from the Mileage Top page, then click "Register/Change email address" under "Manage your account."

  • Available on PC only.

Haven't Received Your One-Time Password?

One-time passwords are sent from "03-5460-0124*" or "".
Please check your settings to ensure that you can receive One-time Passwords from "03-5460-0124" and "".

Please note that the display may differ depending on your mobile phone carrier.

  • Phone number displayed when sent to docomo, au, and Rakuten devices. When sent to Softbank devices, One-time Passwords are sent from “22471”.

(For SMS authentication)

If you have settings for incoming calls, please set them up in advance so that you can receive incoming calls from "03-5460-0124".

For details on settings for incoming calls, please contact your carrier.

You may not be able to receive SMS messages due to communication status, memory shortage, usage from outside Japan, etc. Please contact your carrier for confirmation.

It may take some time to receive the SMS. Please wait a moment and check your SMS inbox again.

(For email address authentication)

Please make sure you are able to receive emails from

If there are no problems receiving emails, the email address that you provided for your one-time password may have been entered incorrectly. Please contact the below helpdesk directly to check that your registered email address is correct.


One-time Passwords are valid for 10 minutes, and once a One-time Password has been used, it cannot be used again.

Please be careful not to close the One-time Passwords entry screen when checking your e-mail or SMS.

  • Existing Web Passwords will be discontinued.


Please check the FAQ below.