Notes when using JAL International Award Tickets

  • When members apply for various promotions, conditions of the concerned promotion will take precedence.

General rules and conditions

  • All award bookings must be made by the JMB member.
  • Regardless of who uses the award, application for the award should be made by the member himself/herself.
  • For children and infants under 5 years of age, reservation of an accompanying adult is required.
  • The total mileage required for redeeming awards will be deducted from the JMB account of the applying member.
  • Members who have registered for the JALCARD Family Program can combine mileage of a main member and a sub-member.
  • Mileage can be combined among family members who have registered for the JAL Family Club.
  • As it is necessary that there is enough mileage available for award exchange at the time of award application, please confirm that there is enough valid mileage for award exchange. Award reservations will not be accepted if there is not enough mileage in the JMB account.
  • Award tickets for open itineraries cannot be issued.
  • Miles will be deducted and the award ticket issuance process will be started immediately upon completion of the award reservation/request.
  • Mileage accumulated in other airline companies' mileage programs (including JMB partner airlines) cannot be combined with JMB mileage in order to receive awards.

Validity and change of awards

  • Award tickets are valid for the reserved flight only.

Passengers who need special arrangements

As the following passengers may need special arrangements, please contact JMB International Award Reservations Desk/JMB Center after completing the reservation bookings. Seat selection is also handled by the aforementioned JMB International Award Reservations Desk/JMB Center.

  • A pregnant passenger falling under any of the following:
  • Medical Information Form (MEDIF) must be submitted.
  • When the expected date of delivery is within four weeks (28 days)
  • There is some doubt concerning the expected date of delivery
  • In the case of a multiple pregnancy
  • If there is a history of early delivery
  • When a stretcher, medical device or medical oxygen tank is required
  • Medical Information Form (MEDIF) must be submitted.
  • Children who are 5 or older and under 12 without accompany of adults. (For children under 5 years of age, reservation of an accompanying adult is required.)

Reservations made through the JAL website

The JMB member must first log in to his/her JMB account to make award ticket reservations, changes, or refund requests on the JAL website.

Deadline for Award Request

Deadline for award reservation through the JAL website is 48 hours (departure city time) prior to the departure of the first flight sector.

Conditions for redeeming awards

  • Reservations will be accepted from 10:00 (Japan time) 360 days *1 (counting from one day before the departure date) prior to your day of departure. For round-trip itineraries, from 360 days prior to the departure date of the return flight.
  1. Depends on the date setting of your device.
  • You can make reservations for up to 9 passengers at one time on the JAL website. However, if the available seats are less than 9, you may only book seats up to that number.
  • Awards may not be used for Japan Domestic First Class.
  • At the time of using award tickets, airport taxes and/or fuel surcharges, insurance surcharges and other surcharges must be borne by the JMB member or users of awards.
  • Payment is by credit card only.
  • The actual amount billed will be in the currency used for settlement by your credit card company.


  • Waitlisting is permitted for First Class only. Please note that reservation changes are not permitted for waitlisted flights.
  • Waitlisting will be permitted for one flight sector each way. If the itinerary includes confirmed flight sector(s), additional waitlisted reservations will not be permitted for the confirmed flight sector(s).
  • Priority waitlisting for award ticket reservations will apply to JMB FLY ON members (JMB Diamond, JGC Premier, JMB Sapphire, and JMB Crystal members) and JAL Global Club members.
  • Mileage of waitlisted reservations may be deducted at the time when seats are being taken. However, mileage that expires at the time of mileage deduction may not be used.
  • At the time the waitlisted flight is confirmed, a confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address.
  • The waitlist holding period will be advised when a waitlist request is made. If the waitlisted flight is not confirmed and the ticket is not issued by the end of the waitlist holding period, the reservation will be cancelled.
  • Ticketing transaction is possible only by the member applying for the Award ticket.
  • When waitlist requests are made for more than one traveler at a time, seats will not be confirmed until the seats for all waitlisted travelers become available.
  • Changes from round-trip itineraries to one-way itineraries or vice versa are not permitted on the JAL website.


  • For each award, a maximum of one international flight sector and one Japan domestic flight sector are permitted each way.
  • Award tickets are issued for one-way and round-trip travel. Itineraries must originate or terminate in Japan.
    Additionally, special JAL international tickets (JMB One-Way Fares) are available for purchase if used together with a JAL International Award Ticket for One-Way Travel.
  • The city of departure may be different from the city of final return. Similarly, the outbound arrival city may be different from the return departure city.
  • Haneda and Narita airports in Tokyo are considered to be the same city, as are Itami and Kansai airports in Osaka, Chubu and Komaki airports in Nagoya, Pudong and Hongqiao airports in Shanghai, and Songshan and Taoyuan airports in Taipei.

Surface Sectors

  • Surface sectors in Japan are not permitted en route.
  • One surface sector is permitted for the entire itinerary when traveling round-trip. For itineraries that include a surface sector, the starting point and ending point of the surface sector will be considered to be the destination city regardless of the length of the stay.
  • Itineraries that contain certain surface sectors will not be permitted as one award ticket, depending on how the surface sector is arranged.
    Example: When the distance of a surface sector is greater than either: the distance from the first flight sector's city of departure to the surface sector's starting point or the distance from the surface sector's ending point to the city of final return.

Stopovers in Japan

  • Stopovers (stays of more than 24 hours) in Japan are not permitted. All connections en route in Japan must be made within 24 hours.


  • Back-tracking is not permitted except for journeys within Japan or journeys specified in the award. (Back-tracking means reversing your direction of travel to make connections to continue onwards toward your next destination.)


  • To comply with U.S. transportation rules, for itineraries between U.S. and U.S. (including Hawaii and Guam) via Japan *, at least one international flight is required to be operated by a U.S. carrier. Please Contact us for details.
  • Including itineraries regarded as "via Japan" by U.S. authorities.
  • When using the JAL website, the system will automatically select and display direct flights and connecting flights between the specified cities of departure and arrival.
    Online reservations can be made only for the displayed flight options. If your desired flight is not displayed, please contact JMB International Award Reservations Desk/JMB Center.

Reservation changes on the JAL website

Reservation changes are not permitted.

Cancellation/refund on the JAL website

Deadline for cancellation/refund

Cancellations/refunds are permitted on the JAL website until 3 hours prior to the departure time. 

Conditions for cancellation/refund

  • A cancellation charge of JPY3,100 (or the local currency equivalent for regions other than Japan) is required per passenger per award. Payment must be made by credit card.
  • Failure to board a reserved flight will render the award ticket null and void. In this case, the mileage used for the award ticket cannot be refunded to the original account or exchanged for a different award.
  • Only the JMB member, who has applied for award ticket eligible for reservation cancellation/refund, may request cancellation/refund.
  • Mileage that expires at the time of reservation cancellation/refund may not be reinstated.
  • Although mileage cannot be reinstated for partially used award tickets, requests for a refund of charges and taxes will be accepted.
  • Refunded amount may be returned to the credit card through which previous payment of taxes, fuel surcharges and other charges has been made. (It may take a 1 to 2 months for the process.)
  • Any collected Ticket Service Fee will not be refunded.

Cases in which cancellation/refund cannot be processed

In the following cases, reservations cannot be cancelled/refunded on the JAL website. Please contact JMB International Award Reservations Desk/JMB Center for assistance.

  • When you select India on the JAL website
  • When you have already checked in
  • When the passenger is an unaccompanied child under 12 years of age
  • When using JAL Family Service
  • When making arrangements for bulky baggage/musical instruments and/or extra seats
  • When the currency used for payment at ticketing is different from the currency used on the JAL website
    (The currency used on the JAL website differs depending on your selected country/region.)
  • When you wish to change or have already changed the class of service
    (Changes to the class of service may be permitted for some flight sectors when traveling on itineraries via Japan that originate and terminate outside Japan.)
  • When you are traveling on an itinerary originating from Australia that was ticketed in Australia* and you have already been charged the fuel surcharge
  • Applicable when you select Australia/New Zealand on the JAL website
  • When your itinerary which contains a flight departing from the U.K. was ticketed or changed via a channel other than the JAL website and includes passengers between the ages of 12 and 15
  • One-way award tickets that are reserved together with a ticket purchased at a JMB One-Way Fare
  • When an accompanying infant has been added to an already issued award ticket
  • Award tickets for which reservation changes have been made due to flight cancellation, flight schedule change, or other such reason
  • When special arrangements or services have been requested


  • Information provided by JAL website or announced via the latest communication medium will take precedence over previous contents in terms of conditions of use for the awards.
  • Conditions for the use of awards are subject to change without prior notice.
  • When flying on the international flights, Conditions of International Carriage will apply.
  • Please check the validity of your passport and requirement of visa. If visa is required, please obtain visa by yourself.