"Let's Encourage Tohoku with Mile Donation Project" Travel Memories

We have received many mileage donations from JMB members through "Let's Encourage Tohoku with Mile Donation Project" launched earlier in showing our gratitude to JMB members reaching 25 million. The following are letters of travel memories received from the winners (people affected by the Great EastJapan Earthquake in 2011) of this project who have enjoyed their trips by the donated mileage.

Updated on April 10, 2014

A truly wonderful family trip

I applied for the chance to receive miles after learning about this charity mile project from a friend, but did not expect to really win anything. Then this surprise arrived. When we received the wonderful news, my entire family was excited and stunned!
My children were thrilled when I told them that we would be able to see their grandma in Tokushima Prefecture.

Because of the distance that separates the Miyagi and Tokushima prefectures, we were rarely able to see my parents even before the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. After the 3.11 disaster, we have not been able to make even a single visit.
My mother has wanted to see her grandchildren, but the distance makes it difficult.
With the miles we received, we adjusted our schedules and made arrangements to visit Tokushima during the winter holidays. Sadly, due to work-related reasons, my husband was unable to accompany us and stayed home.

Whenever I visit my hometown, I take a flight to Itami Airport in Osaka and then use the long-distance bus service to Tokushima.

During our flight to Tokushima, my older daughter and younger daughter, who are 9 and 4 years old respectively, were very excited and spent their time looking out the window. They both enjoyed the journey, despite it being the first long trip that they had taken in quite a while.

After arriving in Tokushima, the children were able to play with their grandma, grandpa, and older cousins.
My mother was nearly in tears to be able to see her grandchildren doing well. My daughters also enjoyed being spoiled by grandma.
And last but not least, I was so happy to have the opportunity to spend some time with my mother.

We spent four days and three nights in Tokushima. Despite the shortness of our stay, it was a very fulfilling three days.
I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who planned this project and to everyone who donated their miles.

Without this project, we may not have had the opportunity to visit my parents.
Our road to recovery will be a long one, but thanks to this trip that was made possible by this project, I feel that we can keep moving forward.

Thank you very much for your support.

From Earth
(Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture / Age:30s / Gender:Female)

The family trip of a lifetime!

The kind support given to the Let's Encourage Tohoku with Mile Donation Project made it possible for us to receive a wonderful gift. Thank you very much.

The 2011 earthquake and tsunami struck our region just one day before the wedding ceremony that my wife and I had planned.
Our family was all safe and unharmed, but some relatives were affected by the disaster and we needed to focus on recovery. Holding a wedding ceremony was out of the question.

Approximately three months after the earthquake-tsunami, my wife and I went to Okinawa for our honeymoon in an attempt to rejuvenate our spirits.
During our honeymoon, we were able to enjoy Okinawa's blue seas and friendly people, which helped to heal the pain that we had felt.

My wife and I had promised each other that we would show our future children the blue skies and seas of Okinawa. Recalling this promise, I applied for the chance to receive miles. With the miles that we received, we were able to fulfill our dream of taking a family trip to Okinawa.

This particular trip was taken with our one year and nine month old son. We were worried that he might become disruptive during our flight and disturb the other passengers. Thanks to the thoughtfulness and concern of JAL's staff, flight attendants, and the other passengers, however, our flight was uneventful and our son caused no problems.
While in Okinawa, our son showed a wide variety of facial expressions and reactions that he normally would not make - emotions and reactions such as enjoying the delicious food at the hotel with a big smile on his face, showing surprise at seeing the dolphins from up close, and crying in reaction to the fear of seeing a large pool for the first time in his life. Being able to watch him in these different situations made this the family trip of a lifetime.

We will soon be marking the third anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami. Although some time has passed, everyone's continued support and encouragement will no doubt help to bring more smiles to the devastated regions.

Once again, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who participated in the Let's Encourage Tohoku with Mile Donation Project. Thank you.

(Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture / Age:30s / Gender:Male)

A trip to Nagasaki, my dear old hometown

I made a visit to my hometown, Nagasaki, at the end of last year.
Our home was swept away by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. With our unclear future, I was uncertain as to when I would be able to visit my hometown again. It was in this situation that I applied for the chance to receive miles from the Let's Encourage Tohoku with Mile Donation Project.

My mother was always on my mind. With the miles that I received, I was given the opportunity to go and spend time with her.

When I got married, I moved far away from home and I know that my parents were always worried about me. Due to my mother's age, her memory slips sometimes. Nevertheless, when she saw me, she met me with a big smile on her face.

During my trip, I did not have much opportunity to visit the sights or wander around, but I did go to Mt. Inasa for the first time in several decades. The nighttime panorama there was truly beautiful.
Taking in the brilliant night view, the emotions and thoughts that I have experienced over my lifetime overcame me and moved me nearly to tears.

Please know that the valuable miles that were donated to this project are greatly appreciated and put to good use. Thank you.

From Raisin bread
(Miyagi Prefecture / Age:50s / Gender:Female)

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