"Let's Deliver Water Filters to Schools in Indonesia!" Charity MileThe JAL Group agrees to the intent of activities implemented by U.S. NPO kopernik to resolve issues such as improvement of the quality of life and reduction of poverty in developing countries and asks for cooperation of JMB members for Charity Mile.

Donation acceptance has closed. Thank you for your cooperation in mileage donation.

"Connecting People to People, Bridging Japan and the World" Project

As the activities of Kopernik which aim for "Connecting country to country", "Environmental conservation", "Improving sanitation and health in developing countries" (Safety and Security) and "Improving children's lives and expanding the opportunity to study" (Nurturing the next generation) match the direction of CSR activities of the JAL Group, we will promote "Connecting People to People, Bridging Japan and the World" Project to enhance the effect of activities through collaboration.
In addition, JAL will provide ongoing support to Kopernik's activities, including providing air tickets.

Announcement of final donated miles

As of October 4, 2013

6,324,000 miles

Enabling support to deliver 800 water filters to approximately 160 schools,
providing safe drinking water to approximately 16,000 students.

  • * Delivery of water filters has begun with the equivalent amount in cash (6,324,000 yen) donation made to Kopernik. Actual delivery by JAL Tech-Reporter scheduled in November will be reported later this year. We thank you again for your cooperation in mileage donation.

"Let's Deliver Water Filters to Schools in Indonesia!" Charity Mile

We will call for Charity Mile in units of 3,000 miles to JAL Mileage Bank members from July 1, 2013 (Mon) 10:00 (Japan Time) to September 30, 2013 (Mon).

In Indonesia, waterworks and water purification facilities are not established, and people struggle to obtain clean water. They may drink dirty water and damage their health. At home, water is boiled and sterilized to clean, thus large amounts of firewood is required which leads to deforestation. Poor household budget is oppressed when purchasing such firewood, and when going to gather firewood, children who take on the role must cut their time for school. Also, by burning large amounts of firewood, large volume of smoke is emitted. There is no end to people getting sick from this smoke, and large amount of carbon dioxide is released as well. In addition, when purchasing water, plastic garbage deriving from plastic bottles is an issue.
By delivering simple water filters to Indonesian schools, two goals will be achieved which are to provide safe drinking water to students and to promote the reduction of plastic garbage.

Reports of the contribution achieved by actually delivering the water filters to schools in Indonesia will be made later this year.

Charity Mile acceptance

  • Application period
    July 1, 2013 (Mon) 10:00 (Japan Time) - September 30, 2013 (Mon) 23:59 (Japan Time)
  • Mileage for application
    Donation will be accepted in units of 3,000 miles on JAL's website.
    Counting one mile as one Japanese yen, JAL Group will donate the equivalent amount in cash to Kopernik Solutions.

U.S. NPO Kopernik

U.S. NPO kopernik

Kopernik is a non-profit organization making simple, life-changing technology available to people in the most remote parts of the developing world. Since launching in February 2010, Kopernik has reached more than 100,000 people in 13 countries with solar lights, water filters, clean cookstoves and other innovative technologies.

* This Charity Mile donation will not be eligible for tax relief for JMB members or JAL.

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