Hideki Ishikawa

Chef of "Ishikawa"

In charge of JAL First Class. In 2003, Chef Ishikawa opened "Ishikawa" in Kagurazaka, and opened sister restaurants "Kohaku" in 2008 and "Ren" in 2009. "Ishikawa" and "Kohaku" were awarded three Michelin stars, and Ren, one Michelin star.

Kouji Koizumi

Chef of "Kohaku"

In charge of JAL First Class. Apprentice to Chef Ishikawa. In 2008, Chef Koizumi opened Kohaku in Kagurazaka, and gained recognition as the youngest chef in Japan to earn three Michelin stars in 2015.


Flights from JAPAN / Japanese Cuisine

Tasty and comfortable. This is our hope from the beginning. 'Kagurazaka Ishikawa' and 'Kohaku' will pursue the best quality which is worth for the pleasant time in the cabin. Please enjoy only collaboration menu which is available only in the JAL first cass.

Available on routes
From Tokyo to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London and Paris

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