E-mail notification (international flight)

Please register your e-mail address in advance to receive notifications about the latest flight status

E-mail about flight information

You can receive flight information of your reserved flight before arriving at the airport by registering your mobile e-mail address.
We will send you information on your reserved flight by e-mail on the day of boarding or the day before in the following cases:

  • When the flight is cancelled
  • When the flight is delayed by 30minutes or more
    (We will notify the scheduled arrival time to destination when the flight is delayed by 30minutes or more)
  • When the flight returns to the departing airport or diverts to another airport
  • When the flight resumes service after returning or diverting
    (We will notify the updated departure/arrival time when the flight resumes service after returning to the departing airport or after diverting to another airport)

You can always check the Arrivals & Departures page on the JAL Website for the latest flight information mentioned above.

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Three E-mail addresses can be registered for International Flight Information Mail Service.

Applicable customers

Customers who booked or purchased international flight tickets through JAL (including ticket counter and call center) or travel agents can receive e-mail notification about the flight information.

The following customers will also receive the e-mail notification.

  1. Who booked or purchased tickets on JAL website (including JMB Award Tickets)
  2. Who have ever viewed flight booking and registered e-mail address on JAL website ("View my reservation" screen).
  3. Who have registered their e-mail address on the Web check-in screen.

    Web check-in

  4. Who are JMB members and subscribed to this service by logging in to the "E-mail address Registration and Change" screen and selecting "Yes" for "Request flight irregularity information."
  • *This service is not applicable to customers who are not eligible to view reservations on JAL website or use JAL's Web check-in service (e.g. package tour tickets).

How to register your e-mail

Applicable customers can register to receive e-mail notification by the following steps.

When booking flights or managing your booking on JAL website

Click the Registration button situated below the Reservation Details screen, and proceed to "E-mail address registration".

When using the Web check-in service

Click the Registration button situated in the center of the "Flight details" screen, and proceed to" E-mail address registration".

Register up to 3 e-mail addresses.

If your flight booking was made on JAL website, the e-mail notification will be automatically sent to the e-mail provided for booking. Further registration is not necessary.

However, if you register a new e-mail address on this page, notification about flight information will not be sent to the e-mail address previously provided to your flight booking.


  • E-mail will be sent every time when flight status is changed (for example: If the flight is delayed by 30 minutes or more and then cancelled, multiple e-mails will be sent).
  • Basically, this service is not applicable for information on codeshare flights operated by other airlines. Please check the latest information on the websites of the respective airlines.
  • E-mails may be sent at mid-night or early in the morning.
  • E-mails may not be sent depending on the situation.

JAL Mileage Bank members (JMB members)

JMB members who subscribe to this service by logging in to the "E-mail Address Registration" screen and Change" and selecting "Yes" for "Request flight irregularity information" will receive e-mail notifications without the need to register for this service each time they make a new flight reservation. To subscribe to this convenient feature, please follow the necessary steps as follows.

  • *Please note that JMB members who register their e-mail address with JAL Mileage Bank may also be sent e-mail newsletters and other e-mail communications.
  • *JMB members can register up to 2 e-mail addresses; 1 for PC and 1 for their mobile phone (the registered address for mobile phones will receive this e-mail from 2 days prior until the day of boarding.) For "International Flight Information Mail Service", you can further register 1 PC address and 1 mobile address, but these additional e-mail addresses will be valid only for the relevant travel reservation and must be registered again for each new travel reservation."
  • *Please ensure to register your JMB membership number at the time of booking.
  • *Please ensure to allow e-mail delivery from jalmailservice@jal.com.
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