E-mail notification (domestic flight)

Learn about what kinds of e-mail notifications that you can receive for JAL domestic flights.

E-mail about your booking

E-mail notifications will be sent when your flight booking is completed.

E-mail about your reserved flight

E-mail notifications will be sent in the following cases.

  • Your waitlist booking is confirmed
  • Your flight has a schedule change or is canceled
  • The operation status of your flight is likely to change
  • Your seat number is changed
  • Information about boarding method
  • Information about ticket purchase deadline

How to register your e-mail

JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) members can adjust their e-mail notification setting from JMB Information menu after login.

When booking your domestic flight online, enter your e-mail address on the passenger information page and complete the booking. You will receive both e-mails about your booking and information of your reserved flight.

(JMB members will have their e-mail address automatically filled in.If you have registered mobile email address,it was filled in first.)

  • Once your e-mail address is registered, it cannot be changed or deleted.
  • Letters in e-mail address will be automatically converted to lower-case on JAL website

E-mail about your booking

E-mail notification will be sent out once only after you made a booking on JAL's website. No e-mail will be sent further after you complete the ticket purchase or cancel the booking.

  • Only one e-mail address (for PC or mobile) may be registered per booking.
  • E-mail will be automatically sent out as soon as you completed a booking.

E-mail about your reserved flight

If the operation status of your reserved flight is likely to be changed, updated information (if any) such as the new departure time and seat number will be sent by e-mail automatically. Information about boarding method, seat confirmation from waiting list and ticket purchase deadline will be sent by e-mail as well. E-mail notifications will show the information only about those who have registered the e-mail address. If other travel companions would also like to receive the notifications, they will need to register the e-mail address respectively.

  • E-mail notifications will not be sent in the midnight or early morning. However, if the departure date is getting closer, notifications will be sent as soon as the information is updated even in the midnight or early morning.
  • E-mail about boarding method will be also sent even the ticket has not been issued.

How to get your travel companion received the e-mail about your reserved flight


When will the e-mail notifications be sent

  • E-mails are sent sequentially. Sent times may vary.

When there is change to your reserved flight

  • If there is any change to the pre-selected seat within 2 days prior to the departure, the new seat number may not be reflected on JAL website. (Seat number indicated in the e-mail notification will apply.)

E-mail notifications for domestic flight will not be sent in the following cases

  • Group discount fare
  • If the booking was made through JAL call center (Domestic Reservation and Information) or city/airport ticketing counter, notification about ticket purchase dealine will not be sent.
  • E-mail about the ticket purchase deadline will not be sent if the ticket purchase deadline is on the reservation date or boarding date.
  • If the the booking is included in tour package or was made through travel agent, notification about booking completion, ticket purchase dealine or confirmation from waitlist will not be sent.
  • Domestic flight booking included in an international ticket (including Japan Explorer Pass ticket and oneworld Visit Japan ticket)
    (Notifications about flight disruption, such as delay, cancelation or weather investigation, will be sent if it occurs within 4 days prior to departure.)

E-mail never arrived?

  • Check if the e-mail address you provided is correct.
  • Ensure that your e-mail settings are not blocking the following domains or e-mail addresses:
    no_reply@jal.com; 5971auto@jal.co.jp; JMB_AUTO@jal.com.
  • Is the storage of your e-mail inbox full?
  • Was the e-mail automatically filtered to your junk folder?
  • Check if you are not eligible to receive e-mail.