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May 28, 2022 22:00JST

The following airports may experience flight delay, cancellation, or diversions due to bad weather on May 29.

Japan / Asia No applicable airport
Oceania / Guam / Hawaii No applicable airport
North America No applicable airport
Europe No applicable airport

Please use the above departure/arrival search function to view the latest flight information before departure.

The next update is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

Notices( May 28, 2022 22:00JST )

Information about Mt. Bezymianny volcanic eruption
Due to the volcanic eruptions at Mt. Bezymianny,
May 28, JAL international fligts from John F. Kennedy International, Boston International airports are experiencing
irregular operations.
We recommend checking the latest flight status of your flight from flight arrival and departure information search above.
Currently, our call centers are experiencing significant wait times to be connected.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
You can also find the latest information on our website.
If inquiring about flight arrival or departure information,
please use the “Flight Status” search on our website for the latest flight information.
Notice regarding our operations on European, Russian routes
Please check the following link for detail.

Notice regarding our operations on European, Russian routes

Information about the impact of COVID-19
Please check the following link for detail.

Flight suspension, reduction of flight frequency and schedule change

Special handling for JAL International tickets following the situation of COVID-19

  • *Lastest JAL flight status is predicted according to the weather conditions and other relevant data. Delay, cancellation and other operation status may vary from aircrafts.
  • *For information about the codeshare flight operated by other airlines, please check from the link above "For a codeshare flights" or contact operateing airline.

What to do when your flight is delayed or canceled due to flight disruption

If a decision is made to cancel or significantly delay your flight, you can change to another flight or receive a refund.
There is no fee for doing so.

opens in new windowReservation change and refund due to flight disruption

If you are unable to view your booking on the JAL website or no longer wish to travel on a flight that has changed, please contact the JAL call center.

  • *Tickets can still be changed or refunded after the flight's departure time as long as they have not been used, but please contact the JAL call center as soon as possible.
International Ticket

Please contact JAL International Reservation and Information Desk.

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International Award Tickets

If you are calling outside Japan, please find JAL Group branches and contact numbers below.

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Regarding expenses incurred due to flight delays or cancellations on the day of departure

Please see below for the details.

When expenses will be paid and Method of payment of expenses

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We will notify you about any changes to your flight due to bad weather or other extraordinary circumstances.

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