Flight Information (International)

Aug 01, 2015 21:30 JST

This information is concerning flights Arriving and Departing from Japan.

Flight Status

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{Tomorrow August 2}

[Operation Information]

The following airports may experience flight delay, cancellation, or diversions.

Guam( typhoon Soudelor )

Normal operation is expected for other airports.

{ Typhoon Soudelor approaching Guam international Airport }

August 2 to 3, flights to/from Guam international airport may experience irregular operations due to typhoon Soudelor.
Information will be updated pending latest reports.
Before arriving at the airport we recommend checking Flight Status and Information for details for the latest information.

{ For Customers using Sydney International Airport }

Due to strike action planned by Department of Immigration and Border Protection employees for Monday, August 3.
Please check here for more details.

The next update is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

*Code share flights operated by other airlines are not included in the Information.
*Delays caused by mechanical failure or departure delays due to late arrival of aircraft are also not included.
For detailed information, please see International Flight Status.

24 hour flight information service

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If you are calling from out side of Japan, please click here for contact of your nearest JAL office.

When calling Toll-Free, please turn on the caller ID for your phone or please dial "186" before dialing the phone number.

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