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Oct 1, 2020 13:00 JST

The following airports may experience flight delay, cancellation, or diversions due to bad weather on October 1.

Japan / Asia No applicable airport
Oceania / Guam / Hawaii No applicable airport
North America No applicable airport
Europe No applicable airport

Please use the above departure/arrival search function to view the latest flight information before departure.

The next update is scheduled at 16:00 (subject to change).

Topics Oct 1, 2020 13:00 JST

  • *Lastest JAL flight status is predicted according to the weather conditions and other relevant data. Delay, cancellation and other operation status may vary from aircrafts.
  • *For information about the codeshare flight operated by other airlines, please check from the link above "For a codeshare flights" or contact operateing airline.

What to do when your flight is delayed or canceled due to flight disruption

When the flight operation is disrupted due to bad weather or disaster, we will give assistance to your booking.

International Ticket

Please contact JAL International Reservation and Information Desk.

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International Award Tickets

If you are calling outside Japan, please find JAL Group branches and contact numbers below.

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Other convenient services

We will notify you about any changes to your flight due to bad weather or other extraordinary circumstances.

E-mail notifications (for customers in Japan region)

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Up-to-date flight news on Twitter

Follow and keep updated with JAL's international and domestic flight information.

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Flight Delay/Cancellation/Diversion Information

Search information and issue certificate for the delayed, cancelled or diverted international flights.

Search Flight Delay/Cancellation/Diversion Certificate Information

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Weather information of Japan and worldwide

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24-hour flight information service (SKY NAVI)

You may check the arrival and departure times for JAL flights through SKY NAVI. Simply follow the voice guidance to speak a command, the system will provide the information accordingly.

  • 24-hour contact number (toll free)


  • Call from mobile phone (toll)


* When calling the toll-free number, please enable to show your caller ID or add "186" before the above phone number.

* You might not search some Code share flights operated by airlines other than JAL group. In such a case please contact the operating airline for detailed information.

If you are calling outside Japan, please find JAL Group branches and contact numbers below.

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