Seat/JAL Economy Class


New Economy Class seat on JAL SKY SUITE 787 flights,
exclusively designed for distinct seating comfort and innovative relaxing space.

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Seat specifications

In the industry where nine-seats per row layout is mainstream, JAL has achieved eight-seats per row layout.
This provides an additional +5cm comfort.

More space with 5cm wider in front of and behind you
*Compared to the current JAL seats. Some seats have different specifications.

10.6-inch touch-panel monitor

Accessory compartment for storing things like plastic bottles and smartphones

Free, unobstructed space under seats

AC power outlet

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  • Seat size

      JAL SKY SUITE 787
    Seating arrangement 2-4-2 (8 seats per row)
    Capacity 88 seats (787-8)
    116 seats (787-9)
    Seat width (between armrests) approximately 48cm
    * Specifications for some seats are different.
    Seat pitch (distance between a row of seats) approximately 84cm
    * Specifications for some seats are different.
    personal monitor size 10.6 inch

All Economy Class seats

JAL's economy class seat for international routes has been named the best in the world.

JAL's international flight seats took the top prize in the Economy Class Airline Seat category at the 2017 SKTRAX World Airline Awards.

This is the third time that JAL has received the SKYTRAX World Airline Award. Other awards are the Best Business Class Airline Seat Award in 2013 and the Best Economy Class Airline Seat in 2015.

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JAL SKY WIDER Ⅱ was a winner of the Good Design Award in 2015.


There is a huge improvement in the additional 5cm space in both the front and the back of economy seats. This feature has been much appreciated.

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